Google has confirmed that the game dashboard will be included in other "some devices" with Android 13

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It’s not clear if this is for Pixel 6a only or for third-party smartphones.

Game dashboard

Google has confirmed that the game dashboard feature will come to more phones in the future through the play service, but that’s unclear. Which The phone may get it. This feature requires Android 13 to work through this new mechanism, and a representative speaking on behalf of Google previously told Techvair that the Pixel 6a will get this feature as part of the Android 13 update. So I’m not immediately sure if this news means whether a third party device will get it.

This change was announced as part of Google’s System Update, which documented changes such as the Play service deployed to Google-certified mobile phones through mechanisms other than System Update. Google July 2022 version of change log More mobile phones will be able to take advantage of the previous Pixel-only features. However, due to the recent situation with the Google Pixel 6a, it’s not clear if a third-party device will get it.


  • [Phone] The game dashboard allows you to choose longer battery life or higher performance, block calls and notifications during play, and access Play Games achievements. It is available on some devices running Android T.[6]

We’ve known for some time that this feature will be introduced into the Play service as changes have been discovered in the last few months of development.The assumption at that time was that the function was Might be so Start on the road to other Android devices. This was initially part of the Android 12 update for Pixel smartphones and was limited to them. Many other Android skins have their own versions of similar functionality. The Game Dashboard allows you to live stream, turn on FPS counters, disable notifications, set in-game performance profiles, and more to improve battery life. Also Performance as needed.

Google’s announcement sounds like features may come to third-party devices at first glance, but some additional contexts may indicate that this is not the case. During a review of the Pixel 6a, I noticed that my smartphone doesn’t have a game dashboard feature, even though it’s on the other Pixels. A representative speaking on behalf of Google explained that the feature will eventually be on the phone, but will be available later as part of the Android 13 update.

Today’s announcement that this feature will be available on Android 13’s “some devices” is just an additional confirmation that the Pixel 6a will get it, but other third-party phones still do it. It does not rule out the possibility of being aware of it. You just have to wait and see.

According to’s Mishaal Rahman, implementing a game dashboard through the Play service requires some APIs and API changes that weren’t part of the Android 12 Android system itself. Migrating Android 12 to the Play service means making minor adjustments to the behavior at the system level, and now it depends on Android 13.

Enabling the game dashboard on your Pixel smartphone is surprisingly unpleasant, but if you’re crazy about mobile games, it’s a good way to extend battery life, so it’s worth getting used to. game.

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