Google confirms its Game Dashboard is coming to other 'selected devices' with Android 13

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It’s not clear if this is for the Pixel 6a only, or if it’s available on third-party phones as well.

game dashboard

Google has confirmed that the Game Dashboard feature will be coming to more phones in the future through Play Services, but it’s unclear Which A phone might pick it up. The feature requires Android 13 to work via this new mechanism, and a representative speaking on behalf of Google previously told Techvair that the Pixel 6a will get the feature as part of the Android 13 update. , it is not immediately clear what this news means. Whether third-party devices pick it up.

This change was announced as part of Google’s system update. This documents changes to things like Play Services that are deployed to Google-certified phones via mechanisms other than system updates. Google is July 2022 version changelog More phones will be able to take advantage of previously Pixel-exclusive features. However, due to recent developments with the Google Pixel 6a, it’s not clear if that means third-party devices will get it.


  • [Phone] Use the Gaming Dashboard to extend battery life and boost performance, block calls and notifications while you play, access your Play Games achievements, and more. Available on select devices running Android T.[6]

We’ve known for some time that this feature was coming to Play Services as we discovered a change during the last few months of development. At that time, it was assumed that Might be so It’s starting to make its way to other Android devices. This was originally part of the Android 12 update for Pixel phones and was exclusive to Pixel phones. Many other Android skins have their own versions of similar functionality. Use the Game Dashboard to live stream, turn on the FPS counter, disable notifications, set in-game performance profiles, and more to improve battery life. Also required performance.

At first glance, Google’s announcement makes it seem like the feature is coming to third-party devices, but additional context may indicate otherwise. While reviewing the Pixel 6a, I noticed that this phone doesn’t have the Game Dashboard feature, but his other Pixel does. A rep speaking on behalf of Google explained that the feature will eventually come to the phone, but later he said it will come as part of the Android 13 update.

Today’s announcement that the feature will be added to “select devices” on Android 13 is just additional confirmation that the Pixel 6a will get it, but it will continue to work on other third-party phones. We do not rule out the possibility. We have to wait and see.

According to Mishaal Rahman of, the Game Dashboard implementation via Play Services requires a small number of APIs and API changes that weren’t part of the Android system itself in Android 12. Moving Android 12 to Play Services meant tweaking the system-level behavior slightly and making it dependent on Android 13.

Activating the Game Dashboard on a Pixel phone is surprisingly uncomfortable, but if you love mobile gaming, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the feature. game.

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