Go to Bleach Beginners Guide — Tips and Tips for Defeating Vek

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Into the Breach, the acclaimed indie game jewel, is finally here on the new Android. Advanced Edition extension.. The port includes even more sophisticated features, thanks to the new Mobile Fit UI combined with impressive responsive touchscreen controls. Also, the Android port is provided by Netflix Games, so you can download it from the Play Store. In the Play Store, games are free as long as you have an active Netflix subscription. Into the Breach will see you plunge into some classic Sci-Fi mecha fighting strategic actions to fend off the latest alien invasion, Vek.

Of course, you can’t expect a brute force attack to save humanity. You need to plan your combat moves accordingly. After all, this is a turn-based strategy game. That’s why we created today’s guide to teach everyone how to steer mecha around the chess board, showing the best strategy to deal with the conflict with Vek.

getting started

When you select a new game, you will be asked to select a time traveler (more characters will be unlocked as you play and earn achievements), rename the pilot and select a combat team. After finishing your preperations,[ゲームを開始]Choose.

getting started

Introduction 2

On the next screen, you can select the difficulty level. New players should select Normal and deselect all boxes under Advanced Content.

Advanced Content and Difficulty_Into the Breach

Note: Unreasonable difficulty and advanced content options are newly added in the Advanced Edition update. Step carefully.

Map overview

When you start anew, the entire map will not be unlocked. To access other islands, you need to play on the first island.


The parameters are displayed at the top and contain the statistics recorded for each island (or timeline).

  • Corporate reputation: The number of reputation points currently held. Reputation points are used to purchase supplies after clearing the island.
  • Core: Points used to upgrade the mecha. Tap the mechanical icon to access the upgrade function.
  • Power grid: Shows the power grid level, which is the overall victory condition. You lose when you reach zero, and the level drops if a powered building is damaged during battle.
  • Grid defense: Shows how well the building can withstand damage. The higher the percentage, the higher the resistance. When the power grid is full, you have the option to upgrade your defenses.
  • Saved people: Number of people saved on the timeline (island). The higher the difficulty, the more people need to save.

There are missions on the island for each section, and each mission participates in a separate battle. Completing missions will reward you and give you resources. Allocable resources are displayed as icons at that location. Unfortunately, not all missions on the island can be completed. Therefore, be prepared to choose the rewards for the missions that will benefit the most.

mapsections_into the breach

How the battle works

It’s a good idea to check out the combat simulation to get used to the mechanics of combat. This section details how combat works. Keep in mind that you can always analyze and manipulate offensive and defensive formations around the world, just as you would in a turn-based strategy game. Be prepared to adapt your strategy to your situation.

Motion and grid dynamics

Combat begins on an 8×8 grid (64 tiles total), allowing units to move around each tile each turn and take action on the environment or against other units. You cannot move the unit after an action (attack, etc.), so plan your placement in advance.

Screenshot _2022-07-19-14-29-27-974

To move the unit in the grid, tap or drag the mecha towards the selected tile. To reposition before acting, tap Go Back.

Deploy the mecha

Mechas can be categorized into types with strengths and weaknesses. Mechas can be categorized by weapon type, range, and movement (the number of spaces that can be covered on the grid).

Examples of starting mechanisms and actionable actions:

  • Combat mecha: A short-range mecha that punches enemy units into tiles adjacent to the mecha. Punch also knocks back enemies by one tile. This activates the push mechanism, allowing you to damage enemies when they are pushed into each other, or push them away from the building you plan to attack. Remember that the mecha can switch weapons to use in its attacks. This affects the effectiveness of the weapon and can cause push, damage, or both. Screenshot _2022-07-19-14-26-28-416
  • Tank mechanism: A mechanism that fires projectiles in a row and collides with the first unit / object hit. Positioning is paramount to getting the best line of sight for your target, as you can easily block / block attacks. Pay attention to the line-of-sight check (the orange path is highlighted) and select the object you want to attack. Tankmech_Into the Breach
  • Artillery mecha: A mechanism that shoots projectiles that can attack enemies by drawing an arc over the building. If you attack a target that has enemies and mechas next to it, they will be pushed to another tile. You can use bombardment to push enemies in a way that harms them (as in the tutorial, drowning other enemy units) and gain time. Note that the artillery mecha only needs to be operated from range and cannot attack enemies adjacent to the mecha. Artillery Mecha Projectile_Into the Bleach

How the turn works

The enemy moves first and plans the action. When the enemy runs out of turns, you can move the unit to act (like an attack). At the end of the turn, select “End Turn” to proceed to the enemy’s turn and then back to the turn. Always use this information to create your game plan, as hovering over an enemy unit will show you what actions the enemy unit will take after the turn.

If you get stuck, tap “Reset Turn” to start the previous turn again. This can only be done once per battle.

Enemy AI pattern

Enemies are in a position to cause problems, attack nearby units, and damage the environment. Keeping the power grid online is a top priority for achieving victory, so it is important to protect nearby buildings.

New enemy waves can spawn during the turn, so use the AI ​​to zero the health bar (you can see by hovering over the enemy unit just before the attack) or simply push it back to attack Be prepared to suspend.

Achieve the goal

Your purpose is displayed in the upper right. To end the battle, there are a lot of turns that need to be at the top of the game in turn management. Tap the turnbox to view your bonus goals. Bonus goals such as protecting units, destroying objects, and killing enemies before fulfilling the conditions will also pop up to encourage you to acquire additional resources (used for upgrades).

In Breach_Objectives1

In Breach_Objectives2

It is also best to consider this as the overall health bar, as it is automatically lost when the power grid reaches zero. Your mecha also has a separate health bar, and if enough damage persists, the mecha will be knocked out for the rest of the battle. The mecha will automatically repair the damage after the battle.

Screenshot _2022-07-19-14-16-53-498

Advanced Edition Update

The Advanced Edition acts as a base game extension that brings new mechas, new missions, new weapons, new enemies and bosses, new mission objectives, new pilots and abilities, and new “unfair” difficulty modes.

This update is free for mobile players. To access this content, you need to start a new game, making sure the advanced content box is checked.

Into the Breach is an outstanding tactical title

The game received natural acclaim during its first release and will undoubtedly be an important title in the Netflix library. Netflix subscribers will not want to miss adding an epic sci-fi tactical turn-based strategy game to their collection. If Netflix can catch up with the acquisition of great games like Into the Breach, the Netflix game library will leave an impressive mark on Android games. If you like what you’ve seen so far, get Into the Breach from the widget below or visit Netflix Games to start the installation.

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