Dystopian thriller "Papers, Please" is finally here on Android

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After about 10 years on desktops, mobile phones and tablets are becoming rubber stamps


Lucas Pope is one of the most prolific indie game developers. Most of the great projects he produced were originally created for 48-hour game jams like Ludum Dare. But his most popular game was born out of much longer (9 months) and more energetic efforts. “Papers, Please” was designed to involve players in the overwhelming test of accepting or rejecting returnees and migrants to the Republic of Alstozka. Originally released for desktop clients almost 10 years ago. Then it’s the perfect time to re-release for mobile.

The Pope tweeted that “Papers, Please” will be heading to mobile on August 5th. Dedicated website for games Clarify that it is available for both Android and iOS devices. The price hasn’t been announced yet, but if you need a copy for macOS, Windows, or Linux, it’s $ 10.

Still, we look forward to a new generation of gamers getting a sense of life-and-death situations through the lens of bureaucratic horror.

The developers issued a follow-up tweet in 2031 stating that the console release was “on track.” Hopefully his tongue isn’t piercing his cheek.

He recently announced “The Return of the Obra Dinn,” which is called the “insurance adventure” for 19th-century swashbucklers (assuming 2018 is “recent”). The game is compatible with Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox One.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something in the same mood that you can download for playback on your phone or tablet today, why not try Westport Independent. This is a censorship simulator similar to the Pope’s own “The Republia Times”. As the first part of “Papers, Please”.

Glory to Alstotka, as they say.

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