Disney Mirror Bath Guide: Tips for Beginners

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Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if your favorite Disney and Pixar characters teamed up to save the day? Kabam’s latest action RPG, Disney Mirror Warriors, Counter the imminent threat known as Fractured. But for the mission to save Mirror Bath to succeed, you need to be ready to unleash the Guardian Dream Team and shoot through the biggest guns. Is there anything you need to avoid a crisis before your ideal world is destroyed?

To put an end to Fractured, you need to build a strong team of Disney characters. However, this requires careful selection of characters to invest in to improve resource management and build the strongest guardian team. Techvair is here to show you the best approach to forming a team, while giving a complete overview of the basics of combat that will help you clear Story Mode.

Gameplay basics

Battle system

You can deploy up to 3 Guardians in battle. To replace the unit, tap the icon at the top left of the screen. Every unit is a unique class, each offering special skills and making light / heavy attacks to get things done. Move the selected character with the virtual joystick and tap the corresponding button on the right side of the screen to perform a light attack or activate a special ability (on the cooldown timer). Tap and hold the basic attack to turn a light attack into a heavy attack. The battle uses three guardians, but it doesn’t matter which character you control. You have access to all special attacks on all units.

The next combat mechanic you need to master is dashing. Dashing is a way to avoid catastrophic attacks on your character. Swipe in the direction you want to dash and the move will be successful. You can take full advantage of this ability by dashing out the visible attack ring.

Your unit provides a pool of health and armor to determine your viability in combat. Always be aware of how weak you are and control these low health characters before they are knocked out. Units hanging in close proximity are vulnerable to beatings, so be prepared to look away and replace them.

DM_Health and Armor Bar

Story mode

Tap the play button to display the game mode selection screen. Story mode is unlocked by default, and when you complete a linear set of stages within each chapter, subsequent chapters are unlocked. You can set the difficulty level (unlocked after the tutorial) and chapters before playing the story.



Stages are separated by a quick dialog event followed by a combat sequence, and all stages consume energy points (1 point is recharged every 5 minutes) to start. Battles usually complete with multiple waves, and you may be able to choose buffs between the waves. Each stage has a recommended power level, so it’s important to make sure your team’s power level is above the recommended level to clear the stage. Always aim to clear the stage with 3 stars. If you can’t, you can always try it later when you level up. 3 stars are the best way to get premium rewards such as orbs (used to get more characters).

DM_Team Power

Creating a team

It takes a lot of time, effort, and luck to put together a dream team. Thankfully, you can earn some units by scrutinizing the story, but you need to invest wisely in the gacha system to claim your character with the featured rate-up banner. Some banners are available for a limited time.

Acquiring a character

You can earn Starter Guardians by playing the early chapters of the story. However, the main way to procure more characters is to use the “Crystal” gacha system. Crystals are the currency needed to summon with a featured banner (raising the rate of individual characters). You come across Crystal by playing and claiming rewards from objective completion. Note: Converting the collected orbs into crystals is a universal way to summon the banner of your choice.




Units can be categorized as tanks, melee, remote, or support. The tank class is excellent at absorbing aggro and withstanding enemy attacks. Proximity and distance focus on dealing damage from short and long distances. In contrast, support classes prioritize utilities, healing, and buffs while in the backline.


We encourage you to incorporate different roles into your team, depending on the type of content you are working on. In story mode, you can reduce your team’s squishy and prevent your character from being knocked out by having a tank that can absorb most of the hits (a goal you need to get all three stars). You can opt in for more damage by doubling the role by adding melee and distant characters instead of support, but this will allow the unit to avoid attacks while regaining health from external buff sources. You need to manage your health (not always reliable). A well-balanced team consists of tanks, invested damage dealers, and support.

Start of Guardians

As mentioned earlier, team spots are limited and resources are shared between units of the same type, so you can’t commit to all units. In addition, you will have access to more melee units than any other role at the start of the game.

The first two letters guaranteed are Rapunzel and Merida. Rapunzel doesn’t scale well after early games, so you’ll soon want to drop Rapunzel for another melee unit. Merida has one of the simplest playstyles for ranged combat, so she’s a good choice to keep, but replacing her in the middle of the game doesn’t hurt.

If you choose Hercules, Moulin, or Ariel, these melee units can replace Rapunzel. Ariel is at the forefront due to the flexibility of the team and the fact that he has the opportunity to cleanse his own debuff while doing considerable damage.


After a while, you will eventually unlock Sally, a tank unit that supports your team from start to finish. Tank units are essential for team building as they can take more damage than other unit types.

Turn on the unit

Choosing a team is just one step, and powering on the unit is the next important step. Star ratings classify your parents. The lower the star, the weaker the unit. Don’t worry, you can raise the stars by getting the character debris. Shards are collected by unlocking extra copies of the same character.

DM_star rating

Increasing the Guardian level will increase your stats and combat strength. Levels require class XP motes (to increase manually) and can be obtained from quest rewards, supply runs, and dungeons. Otherwise, placing your unit on your combat team will earn XP points after defeating all the bad guys. Note: Since the character level has reached the upper limit, you will need a rank-up material to avoid the upper limit.

DM_XP up

Maintaining character ranking and leveling is essential to the growth of your team. Levels not only contribute to the team’s combat strength, but also bring personal growth to the Guardian. Basically the level unleashes the talent of each unit and brings some buffs and passives to your abilities. You will also reach milestones that give your account bonuses and rewards.

Disney Mirror Warriors is a movie treat

Disney Mirror Bath offers a beautiful cinematic experience when it comes to gameplay, forcing you to relax and unwind while watching your favorite Duke. Kabam’s attention to detail and sophistication could make it a valuable candidate as one of the best Android games in 2022. So if you’re a Disney and Pixar fan and character collection / team building is a jam, don’t miss Disney Mirror Bath.

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