Continent Champion is Square Enix's most lazy gacha game

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Square Enix certainly tends to turn premium RPGs into mobile gacha games, and Octopath Traveler is the latest to receive this treatment with the launch of Octopath Traveler: Continental Champion. Indeed, it’s a gacha game, a greedy game, and despite being released worldwide today, it’s incredibly unsophisticated to launch. Sure, it may look like a piece of graphics that resembles a console / PC game, but in the end, it’s filled with greedy in-app purchases designed from zero to an empty wallet rather than providing fun. It’s a cynical cash grab. Let’s dig into why Octopath Traveler: Continental Champion is the release of the trash can.

At first glance, the trailer above makes Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent look like a great RPG for the quality of the original Nintendo Switch title. it’s not.

Octopus Pillar Box

First, Square is a pillar box because it only targets the single screen ratio of mobile games designed from the ground up for mobile devices, which are platforms filled with different screen sizes. This is very lazy and I can’t stand platform-specific games that don’t fit the screen. To be honest, if you’re explicitly creating a mobile game for mobile, that game is better suited for most of the percentage of mobile screens out there. Limit.

Going forward, there is no English audio work, even though today’s release is being developed for a Western audience. Only one language can be used for voice, which is Japanese. Another din for the game that fully describes Square’s complete laziness. You get at least the English text, but in my opinion it’s a perfect summary of this game.

Reaching gameplay reveals a complex story trapped in a forced tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, you are free to start your team-building journey. There are 64 types of characters to collect, and 8 people can be included in the team at a time. Expect a typical system to collect, upgrade, and combine characters to reach the lofty 5-star units known in gacha games, as they all offer different star ratings. More or less the combat system is similar to a console / PC release, but continuous crushing is a very prerequisite as it reaches the first gate quickly.


Octopath graphics

Next is the performance of the game. This is pretty pathetic for simple pixel-based graphics. Regardless of the graphics settings you choose, the overall game limit is 30 FPS, and even low settings often cause skips and lags. To make matters worse, you cannot change one setting in the game before completing the tutorial. Also, the game was set to low graphics by default because the game refused to recognize my phone (ROG 5). This forced me to play a painful forced tutorial (which literally explains how to swipe the screen to move it, which explains how useless the tutorial is) with low graphics, and gave me Believe it, there are lots of pop-up explainers paired with meaningless text, and you can’t skip any of it. You can’t even fast forward. Therefore, there are no useful features to be seen.

One of the highlights is that combat works like a console / PC game, utilizing the familiar break system that allows you to save points and unleash repeated attacks. Rock-paper-scissors mechanics still remain, so each character offers unique skills and weapons that are better at defeating some enemies than others. Yes, Square was smart enough to keep the core gameplay the same, but sadly it’s surrounded by a pretty greedy gacha system and the gated content is locked behind the grind wall. ..

Octopus store

Octopus jewel

As expected, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is free to play and includes in-app purchases ranging from up to $ 99.99 per item. After going through the forced tutorial, you can sneak into the named in-game store. You can buy more characters in the guide. The first list is guaranteed to withdraw one 5 star from a 10 character pack priced at 290 rubies. That’s $ 30 for a 330 Ruby pack. The over-the-counter price matches the number of rubies you can buy. This is a handy system to avoid confusing the amount of money players are actually spending. After all, this means the game will win completely, and I’m not shy about it either, but since this is a solo experience, all the other players who pay to win are actively monetized. It should not affect you other than the fact that you are. Gate on the handle.

Octopus Square Enix Bridge

And the bad news doesn’t stop here. There is no controller support. The available cloud storage features require you to use a Square Enix login called the Square Enix Bridge. This forces the player to Square’s system (at least supports login from Facebook, Steam, Apple, Google, Twitter) if Google already offers Android game developers a native cloud storage option. Because. Given that they aren’t keen on the additional steps to take advantage of the core features expected of every game on the platform, this is a ridiculous system where users themselves and their own.

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent Android Release (1)

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent Android Release (2)

Overall, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is the latest hassle-free release from Square Enix. This shows that developers are already well-known for their lack of quality on mobile and PC. Cut corners are everywhere and hard to ignore. It’s very surprising that little effort was put into polishing this release, as it’s a game that tempts players to waste money to overcome many obstacles and move forward. Just another day at Square EnixCertainly, it will be another gacha game that will be forgotten in the next few days. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, the game is junk.

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