Champions of the Continental Starter Guide

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Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent finally comes to Android in full force. If you’re unfamiliar with its predecessor, his Octopath Traveler (first released on Nintendo Switch in 2018), don’t worry. Champions of the Continent works as a prequel, so everyone is welcome. It combines his old-school JRPG nostalgia with fresh character-collecting gameplay.

This starter guide is intended to help you understand the mechanics of Champions of the Continent. Here, take advantage of the game’s collection system to give your Ruby the biggest blow.

getting started


Character movement is limited to a ‘point and click’ style on a touch screen, but you can swipe your finger for faster movement. Your character will automatically stop when you reach a corner of the path. You can tap the arrows to move in the desired direction or swipe.

Battle basics

During combat, characters can use magic-based skills associated with their equipped weapon and class in addition to their normal attacks. Each character contains her HP (Life Points) stats, while SP (Spell Power) determines how much magic and skills she uses during battle. You win the battle by reducing your opponent’s HP to 0 before all of your character’s HP becomes 0.



Battles are random encounters, but if you feel like challenging yourself, unique enemies (elite enemies) will appear on the field. Combat is turn-based and pays homage to the old classic he JRPG days. To spice things up, players can control the flow of battle using the familiar boost and break mechanics found in his mainline Nintendo Switch games.

You can use weapons and skills that the enemy is not good at to attack the enemy’s weak points repeatedly. Eventually, after tanking so many attacks, the enemy’s guard breaks, leaving the party open and unleashing a devastating blow. Progress in breaking an enemy’s guard is visually indicated by the enemy’s crack display on the numbered shield icon next to his HP bar. BREAK When successful with his mechanic, enemies are immobilized for a short period of time, allowing them to turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Octopus Traveler: Champions of the Continental Break Display

Adding the boost feature calls for a more parsimonious playstyle in combat. Boosting attacks/skills can deal double damage in a single instance, but you’ll have to wait patiently for the window to appear.You can control who to boost and how many to delegate at a time. . Performing a non-boosted action updates the number of boosts.

Octopath Traveler: Use boosts in Champions of the Continent


Choose from three tales of power, wealth, or fame. Each story focuses on a corrupt villain who wreaks havoc on the lives of locals.

Story choices in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

Tips: After completing the tutorial and determining your story destination, autosave will be enabled once you have control over your character.

master the art of battle

Manipulating up to 8 party members is a handful, but totally necessary. When you start getting close to elite enemies/bosses, the game gets punished if your team plays with less than 8 people. Basically, you have to use the game’s character switching system while enduring grueling battles.

The most consistent way to recover HP and SP is to use the switch system. It is a system in which 4 characters in the back row (inactive) recover HP and SP every turn. After switching to the front row, characters in the back row can use skills/attacks in the same turn.

Tips and tricks

  • Enemies have multiple weaknesses, so attack them with different weapon types and magic to identify what they are.
  • Diversify your Battle Party Jobs (classes) to make available different weapons and spells. Examples of diverse parties in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent
  • Make good use of the switch system. Keep weaker characters in the back row until it’s time to unleash their skills/magic. Octopath Traveler: Experience sharing in Champions of the Continent
  • Save your character’s boost until you’ve destroyed the enemy and maxed out the damage.
  • When an enemy is ready to unleash a powerful boost attack, chain all your spells and skills to force them to destroy and interrupt their attacks.
  • Heal the character who received a lot of damage and use recovery magic to switch to the back row.
  • Elite enemies are formidable, so take your time to level up your character before fighting (no more than 3 levels below the level of an elite enemy). Elite enemies on the field in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent
  • Use JP (Job Points) to level up your skills and equip yourself with new skills all the time. Octopath Traveler: Use job points to upgrade skills in Champions of the Continent
  • Go to the weapon shop regularly and sell materials. Don’t forget to buy and upgrade your equipment.

Recruit more travelers

Most of Champions of the Continent are recruiting new allies to join them on quests to experience an epic story together. There is none. However, note that the first character she only offers a 3-star rating. That is, capped at level 40. You should learn quickly so as not to get too attached to travelers. The game incentivizes you to either upgrade to a higher rarity or do work to upgrade your level, and either way pressures you to dabble in the guide system to ask for an upgrade. .

Rarity and Guidestones

Characters are categorized by rarity, which is the number of stars each character has. The higher the star of the character, the higher the rarity and therefore the higher the starting level cap. For example, a 3-star character is level 40, a 4-star is capped at level 60, and a 5-star is capped at level 80. There is an exception for 3-star and 4-star characters that have stars in the sky. These characters are treated as one step higher than her in awakening potential, but with the same level cap as their star rating.

Octopus Traveler: Conqueror of the Continent

How to use the guide system (Guide 10)

  • to tap menu >> guide..
  • Select and tap Banner System. OTCotC-Guide-1 OTCotC-Guide-2
  • to tap Guide (300 rubies) >> guide (300 rubies) to confirm. Drawing 10 characters guarantees bonuses for higher rarity characters.
  • Now it’s 10 characters. Character duplicates turn into character-specific guidestones. OTCotC-Guide-3 OTCotC-Guide-4

Raising a character’s level cap is called Limit Break. Character-specific guidestones or regular guidestones (bronze, silver, or gold) are required to limit break. Each regular guidestone type is categorized by the character’s star tier. Bronze guidestones are used for 3 stars, silver guidestones are used for 4 stars, and gold guidestones are used for 5 stars.

How to Limit Travelers

  • to tap Party >> Traveler..
  • You can break through the limit by selecting and tapping your favorite character. OTCotC-Limit Break-1 OTCotC-Limit Break-2
  • to tap Break through the limit..Tap minus When plus Navigate the number of levels above the upper limit. Note: Character-specific guidestones are always consumed first. OTCotC-Breakthrough-3 OTCotC-Breakthrough-4
  • to tap Break through the limit >> use >> near.. Character level cap increased! OTCotC-Breakthrough-5 OTCotC-Limit Break-6

Another guaranteed character upgrade is Awakening. Like Limit Break, Awakening also consumes Guidestones. A character can be awakened up to 4 times. Awakening will increase your status attributes and add another battle skill slot.

Influence and Skills

Feats are a list of daily, weekly, and achievements. Rewards are given for completing set tasks or achievements. Rewards range from guidestones to rubies to influence points. Tips: Always check and claim rewards.



Influence falls into three categories. Ranked by category. The categories are power, wealth, and fame. Your rank gives you rubies and passive skills/bonuses. Work on increasing your influence as these skills/bonuses are useful additions to your adventure. Shop discounts, more allies (a special exclusive skill), and increased party damage are just a few perks to look forward to.



Continental champions send you on a nostalgic journey

Octopath Traveler: The Champions of the Continent sends you on a nostalgic journey back to the good old days of classic RPG storytelling. However, the character collection gameplay should not be neglected. It will test how well you grind the game given the tools you have available. This will keep you pretty busy for a while. So if you’re up for the challenge, we’ve included a link to the download below.

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