Champions of the Continent is Square Enix's laziest gacha game.

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Square Enix certainly has a tendency to turn its premium RPGs into gacha games for mobile, and Octopus Traveler is the latest to receive this treatment with the launch of Octopus Traveler: Champions of the Continental. As expected, it’s a gacha game, a greedy game, and incredibly immature to launch despite being released globally. Sure, it might look like a console/PC game-like graphics part, but in the end it’s a greedy game designed from the ground up to empty your wallet instead of providing you with fun. Let’s take a closer look at why Octopus Traveler: Champions of the Continent is a Trash Tier release.

At first glance, watching the trailer above, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent looks like a good RPG that matches the quality of the original Nintendo Switch title. it’s not.

Octopath Pillarbox

First of all, the game is columnar because Square only targeted one screen ratio for mobile games designed from the ground up for mobile devices, a platform filled with different screen sizes. This is incredibly lazy and has no patience for platform-specific games that don’t fit on the screen. Honestly, if you’re writing a mobile game explicitly for mobile, that game will be better suited to most mobile screen ratios. period.

Moving forward, today’s release is being developed for a Western audience, but there is no English voice work. Another problem with the game perfectly illustrates Square’s blatant laziness. At least you’ll see some English text, but that’s the bare minimum and, in my opinion, a complete rundown of this game.

Getting into the gameplay reveals an intricate storyline that locks you in a forced tutorial. Once you’ve finished the tutorial, you’re ready to begin your team-building journey. 64 different characters can be collected, and he can form a team of 8 people at once. They all offer different star ratings, so expect the typical system of collecting, upgrading, and combining characters to reach the lofty five-star units Gacha games are known for. The system is similar to the console/PC release, but it gets to the first gate quickly, so continuous grinding is very much a prerequisite.


Octopus graphics

Then there’s gaming performance. This is rather disappointing for simple pixel-based graphics. Regardless of the graphics settings you choose, the entire game is capped at 30 FPS, and skips and lags are frequent even at lower settings. To make matters worse, before completing the tutorial, I wasn’t able to change a single game setting and the game refused to recognize my phone (ROG 5) so the game defaulted to low graphics . This forced me to play a painful and compulsory tutorial (which literally explains how to swipe the screen to move, which explains how useless the tutorial is) . It cannot be skipped. Fast forwarding is also not possible. So there are no useful features to be seen.

One highlight is that combat works similarly to console/PC games, utilizing the familiar break system that allows you to accumulate points and unleash repeated attacks. , each character offers unique skills and weapons that are better at taking down certain enemies than others. , sadly surrounded by a rather greedy gacha system with gated content locked behind grindwalls.

Octopus store

Octopus Gems

As expected, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is free to play and contains in-app purchases up to $99.99 per item. After passing the compulsory tutorial, you can enter an in-game store named Guides, where you can purchase more characters. The first listing guarantees 1 5-star pull out of 10 character packs priced at 290 rubies. 330 ruby ​​packs for $30. The store price matches the number of rubies you can purchase. It’s a convenient system that confuses players about how much money they’re actually spending. Ultimately, this means the game is completely pay-to-win, and that’s no shyness either, but since this is a solo experience, other players pay money to win. Even everything is actively monetized and thoroughly gated.

Octopus Square Enix Bridge

The bad news doesn’t end there. There is no controller support, and the cloud save feature available requires the use of Square Enix Login, known as Square Enix Bridge. This would allow players to support logins from Square’s system (at least Facebook, Steam, Apple, Google, and Twitter) when Google already offers native his cloud save options for developers of Android games. ) to force Given that they’re not enthusiastic about the extra steps to take advantage of the core functionality expected of every game on the platform, this is another misstep on Square’s part, where users put themselves and their games first. ignoring the desire to Own stupid system.

Octopus Traveler Champions of the Continental Android Release (1)

Octopus Traveler Champions of the Continental Android Release (2)

All in all, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is the latest hassle-free release from Square Enix and speaks to what the developer is already well known for its lack of quality on mobile and PC. Shortcuts are ubiquitous and hard to ignore, and this is a game that relies on making players waste money in order to move forward over many obstacles, so it’s hard to polish this release. It is very surprising that so little effort has been expended. Just Another Day for Square Enix, I’m sure, and we’ll be forgetting yet another gacha game in the next few days. The game is junk.

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