Apex Legends Mobile — What's New in Season 2

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Apex Legends Mobile continues to be successful, with many updates frequently adding new maps and features. Season 1 added donkeys, One of the most famous legends of the main game, the transition to the mobile port. Season 2 promises to be an even more important update, offering several new maps, two new game modes, and a whole new legend you’ve never seen before.

Meet Rhapsody

Rhapsody is “Rhythm Slinger”, a DJ on the planet Kómma, dominated by tech giant Pythas Inc. Rhapsody saw the opportunity to clear his family’s debt to Pythas by uploading a computer virus during a performance in a wealthy district. Things didn’t go well as the comma, but the virus destroyed the finances of the entire district. Currently, the only way Rhapsody pays off her debt is to participate in an Apex game under the banner of a company she hates.

Rhapsody kit

Lore doesn’t get in the way, so you can focus on the Rhapsody kit. Her tactical ability, “Hype Anthem,” plays music tracks that speed up the entire team while slowly restoring the shield. The effect of this ability lasts until it takes damage. The passive feature “Gifted Ear” allows you to hear footsteps from a distance and display the footstep indicator UI from a greater distance than usual. Finally, there is “Rowdy’s Rave”, the ultimate ability of Rhapsody. When triggered, Rhapsody’s robot dog, which is audibly cute, projects a large wall of flashing lights. Rhapsody and her squad can be seen through it, while other squads can only see disco lights, and even Bloodhound scans cannot penetrate it. However, be careful when using this ability. You can use bullets and ordinances in both ways.

To unlock Rhapsody, you need to crush the Battle Pass challenge, reach level 25 and get her for free. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can immediately unlock her with 750 Apex coins.

Game mode

This season we have received two new modes: gun games and hacks. Both modes are played in two squads of six people competing to win. In the gun game, all players start random weapons. This changes each time you get a kill. The concept is solid and forced to use what is given, rather than plundering something else. Once started, the HUD will tell you which weapon to get after the next kill, so you can plan and see how you can use your next weapon effectively. The team that achieves the elimination goal wins first.

In the hack, two squads of six will compete again, but the goal is not to stack up removals. One team plays as a hacker and the other team acts as a defender. In the orbit of the map is a satellite with a modified ring emitter (a ring that fries when closed with a battle royale). There are two points of interest (POIs) on the map, and hackers will want to hack while the defenders are blocking them. Each round has a two and a half minute timer. If the hacker cannot hack either POI within that time, the defender will score points. If any team kills all members of the other team during the round, they will earn points.

When either team scores 3 points, the satellite locks the losing team, blows them up with ring energy, kills them and ends the round. The first team to win the third round wins the match.

Long live the king

Kings Canyonh

Battle Royale Mode offers a new map this season called Kings Canyon. This is a fan’s favorite map from the PC / console version of the game and it’s great to see on mobile. There are many POIs to explore, including hold of explosives. Be sure to stock up on the Ark Star, as these holds contain high-rise loot and can only be opened by inserting a grenade into the door locking mechanism!


Pythas Block 0 is a new mobile-only map where you can play Team Deathmatch, among other game modes. Based on Rhapsody’s hometown, this map is full of vibrant colors and sounds.


Overall, Apex Legends: Distortion is getting a great second season with lots of new content to play. Kings Canyon has been ported from the main game, but everything else is brand new for mobile and we hope to add it to the main game at some point.

If you are new to Apex Legends, we have a handy guide with all the information you need to know to get started. Once you know what you’re doing, check out the five tips to win the match.

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