8 Reasons to Register for Amazon Luna in 2022

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With the rise of cloud gaming on xCloud, Google Stadia, and Nvidia GeForce NOW, it was only a matter of time before Amazon wanted to take part of the pie. That’s why the company launched Amazon Luna in 2022. Amazon may be a newcomer to cloud gaming, but its Luna service has already proven to be a good competitor in the market. Now let’s analyze why gamers shouldn’t sleep on Amazon Luna in 2022.

Works well with the Amazon ecosystem

With Fire OS, you can successfully access Luna on Amazon-powered devices such as Fire TVs, Fire sticks, and Fire tablets. Of course, Amazon Luna isn’t limited to the Amazon ecosystem. This is because you can use Luna on your Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or Chromebook. This is great for people who don’t necessarily want to stick to one hardware ecosystem. ..

Amazon Luna products

Channel and subscription plan flexibility

Amazon Luna offers subscription plans that are split across channels that encapsulate a particular game genre or brand. The result is a mixed game library that you can subscribe to in pieces, depending on your interests. Currently, 6 different channels are available.

  • Luna + is $ 10 per month
  • $ 6 / month family
  • Retro for $ 5 a month
  • Prime gaming is free
  • Ubisoft + is $ 18 per month
  • $ 5 / month jackbox game

Ubisoft is for those looking for a premium gaming experience with AAA titles. In contrast, anyone looking for an affordable package for family-friendly entertainment can enjoy the Jackbox gaming channel for just $ 5 a month. It’s the perfect option for homes who want to play party games without having to buy an expensive console.

Amazon channel 1

Amazon Channel 2

Stable performance

Evaluating Luna’s performance is an important part of this list. The quality when streaming should be top notch. Otherwise, competitors may be a better option. Fortunately, Luna is praised for providing stable performance on multiple devices and exceeding 1080p at 60 FPS. If desired, you can reduce the resolution to 720p to improve performance. For best performance, we recommend a connection of at least 10 Mbps over 5 GHz Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz will continue to be supported). Mileage varies because most cloud games depend on the internet connection and the route to the game’s server, but at least Luna offers some ways to avoid these problems.

Luna hero image

Luna controller is a high quality game controller

Amazon Luna Standalone controller, Similar to Stadia. The big advantage of using a Luna controller is how to connect to another Wi-Fi source to reduce latency. For gamers, the less input delay and the more responsive they are, the better the feel of the entire game session. The controller design provides a layout similar to an Xbox controller, providing a rugged rear texture grip with familiar button mappings. This is always a plus. If you decide that your Luna controller doesn’t suit you, you can always turn your smartphone into a controller or plug it in. Compatible third party controller..

Amazon Luna Controller 1

Amazon Luna Controller Marketing 2

Works on Windows and Mac

Running on Windows and Mac means that you can easily integrate Luna into more devices and add sufficient accessibility to your cloud services. You can also load Luna into the Chrome browser and Safari and it will run sufficiently consistently (especially in the Chrome browser) compared to native apps. That is, Linux access is out of reach. In addition, access to devices powered by Microsoft and Apple could lead to significantly expanded game libraries in the future, thanks to access to such large markets.

Amazon Luna running on Windows and Apple

Meet the needs of Twitch

Amazon’s Luna provides a powerful integration tool while using Twitch, providing an easy way to start broadcasting Luna gameplay. This seamless transition between the game and watching your favorite Twitch streamer is highly appreciated. A close relationship with Twitch can be a cheap opportunity to explore your game streaming hobbies by relaxing with the Twitch stream in the background.


Free games for Amazon Prime members

Those who don’t like to take full advantage of Paid member?? Amazon Prime subscribers can enjoy new things Monthly game summary.. Check out some of these free (using Prime) games to help you test your body of water before subscribing to more channels. This way, while using Amazon Luna, you can see if your connection is maintained before you leave your pocket. This is a great opportunity to “try before you buy”.

Amazon-Luna-Free Games

Well-designed user interface (UI)

I spend a lot of time in the UI, so I rely on a clean and clear design rather than annoying. Scrolling through the list of games feels like scrolling through Amazon Prime Video, where the icons and titles are organized in separate lines. For games in the library, clicking on the title will display the Metacritic score next to the title. This is a nice touch. Functions can be accessed from the tab. The remarkable couch play feature allows friends (not necessarily subscribers) to remotely participate in games that support co-op.

UIjpeg Amazon Luna screenshot

Amazon Luna screenshot of UIjpeg2

Amazon Luna is off to a promising start

Amazon Luna presents gamers with a flexible and affordable way to enjoy cloud streaming on many devices, allowing them to use Luna Couch to play remotely with their friends, or a simple and powerful tool. By streaming additional gameplay, we’re on the road to success. Cramps. Performance has always been the number one issue when it comes to investing in cloud gaming, and Amazon Luna seems to have boldly overcome this challenge. All that’s left is to see how the subscription channel and game library grow with the service.

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