8 of the best horror games on Android in 2022

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The best horror game for Android is a game that can successfully package a horrifying experience and bring horror to a small screen. It’s difficult without desktop or console functionality. People spend less time playing games on their mobile phones than on consoles and desktop computers, so horror game developers need to create horror-creating experiences without spending hours building.

Avoiding cheap horror and popular zombie survival games, we chose the best horror games available on Android in 2022. However, if they sneak up a bit, you can always try non-horror. Survival game instead.




Distraint is a 2D psychological horror adventure game. It’s a relatively short title that can be completed in a day, but it has a spooky atmosphere and a dramatic story that lasts much longer. This is a great game for those who don’t like jump scare or action, as Distraint relies on careful audio and visual design to create an eerie atmosphere.

Distraint is perfect for veterans and newcomers to the horror genre who are nervous about trying out horror games and want to try new things. Gameplay is easy to learn, so you won’t waste your time immersing yourself in the story.

5 nights at Freddie’s

Freddie for 5 nights-1

Freddie for 5 nights-2

Five Nights at Freddie’s is arguably the name you’ve heard before. First released on PC in 2014, it has produced numerous sequels and spin-offs. The original still needs to be played and has been remastered and optimized for Android.

But this is not a game for the timid. Five Nights at Freddie’s is a tense, end-of-seat experience full of jump scare. Faced with a group of sensory animatronics, you will have a hard time staying alive when managing doors and lights with reduced power supplies. Play if you like to scare the living sunlight. Do not play if you are afraid of animatronics as a child.




Oxenfree is a great story-driven horror game wrapped in an adventure game format. Join a group of friends embarking on a supernatural adventure inspired by classic 80’s horror movies. It’s creepy, emotional, and most importantly, believed.

Like Distraint, this is the perfect game for those who can’t stand jump scare. It’s also much longer. Oxenfree changes the story and dialogue based on your decisions, so think carefully about all the choices you make. This also increases reproducibility because it varies from run to run.

Hello neighbor



Hello Neighbor may look like a ridiculous game in the first place, but don’t be fooled by the bright colors and friendly animations. A tense stealth game dismantled in a fierce chase scene. Your goal is to sneak into your neighbor’s house and discover the secrets they are hiding while they are trying to stop you.

Part of the greatness of this game is its AI. It learns from every move you make, so if you want to complete the game you will have to adapt your tactics. Hello Neighbor isn’t the most original horror game, but it comes in a great package that will get you hooked.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Winding ink machine-1

Winding ink machine-2

Bendy and the Ink Machine are a must-see for horror enthusiasts, thanks to visuals and horrifying stories inspired by early Disney movies. It spans multiple genres, so you’ll solve puzzles in one moment and fight monsters in the next. But with its striking graphics, the main attraction here is the story.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is perfect for all types of horror fans. There’s jump scare, but it’s not terrible, and the storyline immerses the story player.

Yellow baby

Baby yellow-1

Baby yellow-2

Hi, like my neighbor, the yellow baby seems a little ridiculous in the first place. Named babies have eerie eyes and don’t seem to be the scariest enemies, except they are nervously staring at you (like most real-world babies). However, as you progress through the game, you’ll come across jump scares, supernatural events, and eerie ragdoll physics, making it one of the most original horror games.

The Baby In Yellow is short and the gameplay is a bit simple, but it’s still a worthwhile experience.




Fran Bow is a psychological horror game that sometimes feels disturbing and realistic. You play as Fran, a girl who witnesses the brutal dismantling of her parents. Traumatized by her experience and imprisoned in a mental hospital, you chase Fran as she tries to escape.

Creating horror with supernatural images and fictional events, Fran Bow feels like the most realistic game on this list. If you need a horror game that sneaks into your dreams at night, play this. Each chapter is sold as a separate paid download.




Eyes is a fast-paced survival horror game. It makes use of many classic horror metaphors, but don’t let the cliché atmosphere distract you. There is no suggestive story like Distraint, but there are plenty of game modes and challenges to complete.

This is a game suitable for those who want to fix horror quickly. Monsters are diverse and challenging, and their sound and visual design fully amplifies the eerieness of your environment.

Scare yourself forever

The horror genre includes some of the most fascinating and atmospheric games. These titles should be crazy for hours. There are many options on the list today, so if you’re not a fan of jump scare, it’s a good idea to switch and try something new, such as Distraint.

If you’re looking for more games, check out our Android Best Games Summary and play some of the most exciting and atmospheric games available on Android in 2022.

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