8 best web games to play on Android

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Finding a web game that works on an Android device can be a pretty frustrating experience. The page may not load properly. Even when loaded, screen sizes and text are often not optimized for mobile display. Next, there are performance issues. No one wants to deal with clunky controls and mechanisms that have poor desktop to mobile web browser conversions. So, to avoid the headache of having to exclude mediocre and unplayable games from your library, we reviewed the eight best web-based games for Android.

Our list considers the flexibility to access these games as a standalone progressive web app, so play using a mobile browser and pin these games to your home screen for native apps. You can start it like this. Ultimately, you can save yourself the hassle of using large amounts of data and storage to download and install existing apps.


We will penalize our readers not to include Tetris on the list. It’s a classic like never before and one of the best games to help you spend your time when you need it. The premise is simple. We are trying to get big points by matching Tetromino by completing the line considering shape, size and rotation before the matrix is ​​full.



The controls are touch responsive and you can rotate the blocks to fit the grid. Ads are minimal, only detected on first launch and do not require an account or login process to play. The game can be paused at any time, perfect for stop-and-go sessions.

Link: Play tetris


It’s a world of snake-eating snakes that only Alpha Snake reigns supremely. The main purpose is to consume pellets and grow snakes while avoiding hitting other snakes (players) in the lobby. If your snake’s head comes into contact with another player, your Slithering career ends, but vice versa if another player hits you.

Accessing Slither.io in your web browser provides a fast-paced and sophisticated experience with uninterrupted ads in the middle of the match. When manipulating snakes, the touch controls feel accurate and sensitive in the direction of the swipe. You don’t need an account or sign-in to play other than setting a nickname.

Link: Slither.io


Be creative and create a truck for your sled. Line Rider is a classic sandbox game where you can draw and simulate custom tracks used by threaders. Would you like to create a smooth voyage experience for the sled, or is there too much eddy to finish the course? Line Rider is a game that controls the results.

It deserves this list due to its sophisticated levels, customization tools and unique gameplay. Mainly operated by touch controls, you can draw on the canvas with a virtual pen / pencil, tap a button to start playback, or pause the warp simulation. In physics, the steepness / smoothness of the curve greatly influences the experience of warping and plays an important role in allowing anyone to experiment to their heart’s content.

Link: LineRider

War broker

If you want to play competitive FPS, we recommend checking out War Brokers. In addition to all the usual FPS merchandise in this genre, you can expect access to extra game modes (Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, etc.), map playlists, a large number of bootable guns, and servers. Leader board.



Landscape mode must be enabled to play War Brokers on your mobile device. From there, you can create an account or sign in as a guest from the main menu. To jump, select your game mode, check your stats, and customize your FPS settings in-game. Finally, developers consistently release updates and fixes to improve the experience. It’s clear how much love is put into the work of this game.

Link: War broker


How confident are you in your skills to survive the next zombie apocalypse? If the odds seem to be favorable, Nightpoint.io will test your skill. Not only dodge deadly zombies, but other players (potentially unfriendly) join the battle, so if you want to see another day, it’s best to burn all your guns and join. Remember, it’s everyone for himself.



It’s a 2D game, so it’s relatively easy to control. Shoot in the direction of pointing the right virtual joystick and move the character with the left stick. As the round continues, you will gain upgrades to your speed of movement, health, and health regeneration. It is highly recommended to play in landscape mode to access full screen mode.

Link: Nightpoint.io


This word game became viral in early 2022 and is still powerful today. The New York Times’ Wordle’s easy-to-understand rules and the ability to share (or boast) stats globally make this game very attractive to play when you’re looking for entertainment or social connections.



Using clues from the letters of previous attempts, you will be given six chances to guess the word every day. When played continuously in the same web browser, the result is carried over as a streak, saving statistics on the number of guesses needed to solve the puzzle. This website works perfectly with mobile web browsers. There is also a guide for installing Wordle on your Android device.

Link: Wordle

T-rex dinosaurs

Chrome Dino is a duplicate of Google’s famous dinosaur game. The goal is to achieve the highest score by guiding the pixelated Tyrannosaurus Rex across the screen while avoiding all obstacles along the way. If you’re looking for an endless runner with simple controls, T-rex Dinosaur is the perfect game to load.

The control here is very easy. Tyrannosaurus Rex runs automatically across the screen, so tap the dinosaur to jump. You can’t ducking on mobile, but unlike the original version, the game automatically adjusts by not creating obstacles that require ducking. If you hit an obstacle, the game over screen will occur. The biggest point is to set the jump timing correctly. The higher the level, the more points you get. It’s a waste of fun, even if it’s not the deepest gameplay on this list.

Link: Chrome Dino


Use this version hosted on Playdrift to play classic tile-matching games online with 2 or 4 players. Matching tiles will earn points and the person who earns the most wins the game. If you’re interested in simple board or card games, Domino is a great candidate to keep you busy.

You don’t need to create an account to play, but at least you need to sign in as a guest. Once you’re in, you can host a game, enter a room, take part in a match, invite others to play, or watch an ongoing match. The only downside is that you can expect to be already familiar with Domino rules and variants, as there are no steps anywhere on the web page.

Link: Domino

Lots of web games to get your attention

Web games are addictive and provide seamless on-the-go games when you want to kill time while on the go. Unfortunately, finding a game that works well in a mobile browser can be difficult. Thankfully, the list we provided should be more than enough for you to get started. Or, if you are looking for more offline games, check out the best offline Android game list.

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