14 of the best puzzle games on Android in 2022

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Everyone loves puzzle games. Mobile is the perfect platform for this genre, whether it’s a point-and-click adventure or a word game. Of course, the Play Store is useless and it’s hard to find the best Android games, so Techvair has put together a list of outstanding puzzle games currently available on the platform.

This is an ever-growing list and is constantly being updated with new games. If you think you need to add something to your summary, check out the comments at the bottom of the page. fun!

Baba is you

Baba you take a traditional Sokoban puzzle game and twist your head with mysterious words. Unlock specific abilities / areas by pressing specific words together. Here’s how to finally solve each puzzle. Keep in mind that these solutions are not easy, as this is a very rewarding game. But the solution is a reward, and it feels great to finally get over the previously puzzled puzzles.

Baba you may be a short game Clock in in 7 hours to beatBut that’s certainly one of the best puzzle games on the platform, and that’s why it’s the perfect title to start with today’s puzzle game summaries.

Baby's You Puzzle Game Summary

Baby's You Puzzle Game Summary (1)

Rovio Classic: Angry Birds

Yes, the original Angry Birds have been revived and rebuilt with a new engine (Unity). For just $ 1, it has 390 levels that span eight episodes. Thankfully, the control of the game feels the same as it was originally. There you can shoot birds with hostile pigs and dwelling choices and dive into quick rounds for some smooth slingshot action. As with the original, you use the heroic bird selection to defeat your enemies. And each offers their own unique skills. The goal is to find a way to get the most out of these skills and clear each stage, making it a fun boat road that can be smoothly compared to the original. So if you can afford $ 1, don’t miss it. Also, if you’ve never played, here’s a handy guide to get started.

Summary of the best puzzle games in Rovio Classics AB (1)

Summary of the best puzzle games in Rovio Classics AB (2)

Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks is a style of miniature golf games, but it’s actually a puzzle game (that’s why it’s on the list today). There are more than 120 levels to explore, spanning 10 worlds. Cards are used for movement when deciphering which card puts the ball in the hole. Creating a logic puzzle takes time to think about, but here you will find fun and see why this game is so fascinating. It is well designed and offers a lot of fun. What do you dislike?


Sliding tile puzzle games may have a reputation for being simple, but Gorogoa is nothing else. Sure, it’s part of the core gameplay, so it slides some tiles, but thanks to some impressive art and abstract puzzle solutions, this only moves some tiles Not. Imagine Salvador Dali creating a video game and approaching the abstract play in this release.game is 2 hoursIt’s one of the vehicles you shouldn’t miss.

Cessabit: Stress relief game

Cessabit is described as a stress relief game and its label is appropriate. It’s your job to look up each of the hand-painted pictures in the title and answer as many questions as possible about the picture. You can tap the object at each stage to find some tips if you have a question. Of course, beautiful line drawings make this game stunning. So if you enjoy chill memory games, Cessabit is a release to check everything. Appropriate box.


PUSH is a fun minimal puzzle game, one purpose is to press the various buttons in the correct order. The nice thing about this setting is that there are no timers or tutorials. There isn’t even a boss battle. This is a game that focuses only on gameplay and gameplay. Basically, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a competent puzzle game that provides a stress-free experience.

Hidden throughout time

Hidden Through Time is a stunning hidden object game that offers amazing art, cute animations and fun gameplay. Most of the time, you spend time deciphering clues and finding all the hidden objects at each level. Each stage is pleasingly animated, so you can easily stare at the screen for hours as you seek out all the last hidden objects.If you enjoy titles like Hidden people But if you’re looking for a color splash to brighten your experience, you’ll love Hidden Through Time.

G30-A Memory Labyrinth

G30-A Memory Maze is a minimal puzzle game that provides a unique story about someone suffering from cognitive impairment. It’s your job to connect their memories by solving a two-part puzzle of scattered text and random images. Most of the time is spent rotating these images to form a larger image. Circulating these pictures through the words that appear at the top of the screen will make the second puzzle element work. These words ultimately tell the story, but you must first solve each puzzle before you can stitch the whole story together.

Hidden people

Hidden Folks is a stylish hidden object game that you can watch, play and enjoy. All art is hand-painted and consists of black and white pen and ink designs. Players are tasked with finding a specific person hidden in each picture, like a book looking for Wally. This is not as easy as it sounds, as you need to strip and move objects in each environment to hunt down these hidden people. So, unlike many hidden objects in the Play Store, Hidden Folks offers a highly interactive experience. This has a lot to do with a wonderfully attractive art style.


Hocus is an indie puzzle game with minimal style. It is your job to navigate the cube through a series of optical illusions. There are 120 handmade levels to explore, and if you get tired of these levels, you can jump to the optional level builder and design your own level. The great thing about this system is that you can share these homemade levels via code or cards. This means that you can even jump to levels created by other players if you wish.


Blue is a popular release in a series of color-themed puzzle games. Bad Bonte.. The purpose of the game is to change the color of all 50 stages of the title to blue. If you get stuck, there are tips available, but your ads will play unless you pay to remove them in your in-app purchase. Trial and error is the key to victory, especially if you plan to complete all 50 levels.


Shadowmatic had a very sweet and sweet time to appear on Android, but the game is so pretty that we can allow late arrivals. Setting up the game is very easy. Simply spin and tilt one or more of the 3D objects in your game to form a shadow that shows the desired shape of the puzzle. Of course, things get even more complicated when multiple objects are used. Beautiful 3D graphics create a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for short or long game sessions, but you’ll need rugged hardware to run this title.

I also love hue

I Love Hue Too is a psychedelic puzzle game where harmony, geometry, perception, skill and magic intersect to create a fascinating puzzle game. The puzzle is solved by shuffling the tiles to create a harmony with the colors provided. With this release, you can solve over 900 puzzles. Also, there are multiple play modes that keep the player busy for a long time. Oh, the game contains 6 different ambient tracks to help you set the mood for this trippy puzzle game.


Zenge is a beautiful title explicitly designed to provide a relaxing experience, but it also gives you a great story about time and space combined with fun puzzle-based gameplay. You don’t have to worry about timers, scores, etc. as the game is free to solve each puzzle at your own time without constantly tracking your achievements. This is the perfect title to play whenever you want. relax.

Bridge constructor portal

Headup’s Bridge Constructor series, with several releases on mobile, has all sorts of themes, combining the gameplay elements of these themes with the classic bridge-building gameplay. The most popular title that combines interesting elements is Bridge Constructor Portal. It provides the familiar portal gameplay that intersects with the bridge building action and gives you a lot of fun time to solve all the portal racing puzzles. This is a premium release that you can get for $ 5 and there is an additional DLC that you can get for $ 2 if you win the main game. Given that the main campaign is 13 hours long and the DLC adds more content, there are many puzzles that can be solved with a small investment.


Mekorama is inspired by similar isometric puzzle platformers such as Monument Valley, but it’s easy to forgive if the game you’re imitating is solid from the start. As with the titles that influenced this release, you can expect a lot of humor and personality. The developers have implemented a user-friendly way to pay the amount needed to unlock the entire game. This is a nice touch.

This concludes the summary of today’s puzzle games. Whether you’re interested in hidden object games like Hidden Folks or looking for something twisting like Baba is You, I think you’ve found a high quality game that everyone can play. increase. Of course, if you’re looking for a game that offers a deeper strategy, you’ll need to cover it with an RTS summary. Thank you for reading and enjoy the fun game.

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