10 of the best icon packs for your Android launcher in 2022

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The Android theme is one of its highlights easily. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or something a little more flashy, the Play Store has plenty of third-party launchers and icon packs for different styles. That’s why Techvair adopted it to round up the best icon packs currently available. As with a summary of all the best apps, this list grows continuously as you add new icon packs, so if you have something you want to add to your list, check it out in the comments. Let’s get started. There is a theme to do!

Minimal O-Icon Pack

I don’t know about you, but I love the circular icon, especially if the table has a minimal design. After a lot of frustration seeing most of my stock Google icons surrounded by white, Minimal O made these unsightly icons more in line with the circular stock theme known on Android. It was the best choice to replace it with the right one. So if Google is tired of pulling and wondering when the app’s icons will look really comfortable but eventually match, JustNewDesigns will use MinimalO.

There are not enough choices in the pack. With over 6450 icons available, if you come across an app that doesn’t have an icon in this pack, you’ll have plenty of choices to find one nearby. Just like fitting.

Minimal O-Icon Pack Summary of Best Icon Packs (2)

Minimal O-Icon Pack Summary of Best Icon Packs


This icon pack dates back to 2014 and has accumulated over 1 million installations since its release. It’s an understatement to say that this is a popular pack. That’s why it’s in today’s summary. Of course, this popularity is driven by the fact that the pack offers a pleasing design, with sharp edges and bright colors that allow the icon to pop on the screen.

Despite that era, the Moonshine pack is actively supported by updates and works with a variety of third-party launchers, so it needs to cover most of the apps and launchers. This particular release contains ads, but it’s free. If you hate advertising in your app, I have good news.There is also Premium pack Available for $ 2 excluding those annoying ads.

Moonshine-Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs

Moonshine-Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs (1)

Whicons-White Icon Pack

What would a minimal home screen be without a minimal icon? For those types that need the simplest icons to pair with a minimal theme home screen, Whicons are a great choice thanks to the white icons. This icon pack works well on dark backgrounds and gradients, keeps your home screen and app drawer clean, and breaks the smooth look of your icons without coloring them.

Randall’s large icon pack offers 7548 icons and some wallpapers. It has been supported with regular updates since 2014, so you can trust it safely. This is old, but good and for good reason. It’s a solid pack perfect for the minimal themers out there.

Whicons-White Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs (2)

Whicons-White Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs

Ombre-Icon Pack

Those who are obsessed with using dark themes, or who want to provide vibrant colors to their icons, need to get a kick from the ombre. This vibrant pack provides deep colors that pop out of the OLED screen and contains over 4,400 icons. Includes app icon variations so you can even drill down on themes to your liking. The Icon Pack contains a number of wallpapers to get you started trying out the latest themes. Ombre comes from one of the big names in the Android Icon Pack game, Drum Destroyer Themes, so you can use it to find out.

Ombre-Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs

Ombre-Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs (2)

Flat Square-Icon Pack

If you’re interested in Material Design icons but are looking for a flat pack with no shadows or other distractions, Flat Square is an outstanding FL design offering over 2900 icons. Numerous launchers are supported and there are excellent alternative looks available in the most popular apps. All icons are flat squares that fit the material design theme, are often supported, and new icons are constantly being added.

Nearly Flat Square is a slightly minimally designed icon pack that stands out from the crowd with a flat material design look. That’s why this pack is very well received. For the collection four years ago, Flat Square is still courageously kicking.

Flat Square-Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs (2)

FlatSquare-Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs

Pix Material You Icons

Of course, why settle for the Material Design icon when you can move to something designed around Material You, the latest and greatest design language Google introduced in Android 12. As you can imagine, Pix Material You Icons offers just that. Icons for all your favorite apps. Different background colors are supported and the icon has multiple shapes. Of course, these icons will adjust to the wallpaper, just like the materials you pack (if you’re using Android 12).

The Pix Material You Icons pack is a new release, but with frequent updates so far, the app coverage and support is pretty good. If you’re shooting an Android 12 theme that offers a number of app icons MaterialYou while Google is still at a standstill, Pix MaterialYou Icons is a fresh up-and-coming that’s worth a look.

Pix Material YouIcons Summary of the best icon packs

Summary of the best icon packs for Pix Material You Icons (1)

Outline Icon-Icon Pack

There are many icon packs that provide neon outlines, but outline icons stand out thanks to the support of a huge app with over 8400 icons. The icons also look great. With a consistent design language for all neon contoured icons and support for over 32 launchers, this is a pack with some legs and lifespan, already four years old. It is updated monthly.

Alternative colors are available so you can easily set the theme to your heart’s content without worrying about the support of dark or light wallpapers. You can also request an icon if you’re missing something. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, you can take advantage of Fast Track.

Outline Icon-Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs (2)

Outline Icon-Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs

Zwart-Black Icon Pack

If Whicons’ white icons don’t meet the needs of the minimal theme, will the sister icon pack Zwart float the boat? Of course, this is Randle’s black icon pack, the creator of Whicons, and offers the exact opposite of the white pack. Black icons are great for bright themes and bright wallpapers, but like Whicons, they contain 7548 icons to meet your minimal light theme needs.

Zwart may be a bit newer than Whicons, given that it was launched a year later, but it’s still an old icon pack that has withstood the test of time, with great support for the app being updated several times. It seems to be related. Moon.

Zwart-Black Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs (2)

Zwart-Black Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs

7-bit-retro theme

If you are a gamer or just love gamer aesthetics, the 7-bit-retro theme may be interesting. This is an icon pack, each providing a handmade pixelated icon. So if you’re shooting an 80’s theme, there’s a lot to love, including over 2,500 icons and wallpaper pickers. The developer has also included an HDPI icon for those using a large Android screen. By the way, in addition to Muzei’s support, there is also a clock widget.

The great thing is that the 7-bit-retro theme is free and has ads. This means that anyone can see what’s in this pack while jumping into app support to ensure that your app is covered. However, if you want to remove these ads, $ 2 for the premium version of the Play Store It excludes all ads.

7-bit-Retro Theme Icon Pack Summary (1)

7 Bit-Retro Theme Icon Pack Summary

Verticons Icon Pack

Eventually tired of the circular icons, Verticons will have to wait for a rectangular game. This is an icon pack that provides tall rectangular icons with over 4900 individual designs covering over 6000 apps. The unique icon shape is the main attraction, but over 80 high resolution wallpapers and request tools built directly into the app are also available.

The pack date dates back to 2017, but is updated monthly. If you’re worried about the lack of long-term updates, don’t worry. SpaceMan, the developer of Verticons, is always active in all packs.

Verticons Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs

Verticons Icon Pack Summary of the best icon packs (1)

Everyone, keep in mind that today’s icon pack summary is just the beginning and offers some of AP’s favorite packs. As you add new lists, it grows continuously, so if you’re sitting in a pack you want to add to your list, yell from the roof (more precisely, enter in the comments).

Of course, if you’re looking for the perfect launcher to test any of the icon packs above, AP will cover in 2022 with a summary of our Android app launchers listing all of our favorites.

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