Top 10 best coding apps for learning SQL, Python and more on the go

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The power of democratization on the Internet cannot be understated. Learning new things, combined with affordable computing and recent advances in internet connectivity, is a matter of curiosity and initiative. Over the last few years, there has been a growing interest in coding. Fortunately for you, the tools you always have by your side, your phone, can help you learn the basics. We’ve put together a list of the best coding apps to get you started with.

SoloLearn is a one-stop shop, whether you’re just learning code or wanting to hone your skills. This app offers courses in many languages ​​such as R, Python, SQL, C ++ and Java. Learn more skills and tools to help you become a data scientist, web developer, and even a full-stack developer. The app has a built-in active community to help you solve problems and help you connect with others on the same journey.

If you want to take advantage of SQL, Python, or web development, Mimo is for you. A well-designed app explains key concepts with easy-to-understand coursework and examples. There is a built-in glossary, playground Now you can try the code and run it within your app. If you are looking for a certificate, Mimo will provide it when you complete the course, but you will have to pay for the certificate.

DataCamp is a great source for learning the basics of Python, R, SQL, and concepts such as data science, visualization, and machine learning. Practical exercises follow immediately after a structurally sound course to ensure that the platform provides coding challenges and projects are ready. The first chapter of every course is free, so you can soak your toes before paying the full access fee.

Google has rescued people on their way to learning JavaScript using the coding app Grasshopper. Unlike most apps on this list, it’s completely free to use and you can even award certificates as you progress through the course. This app focuses on visual puzzles to explain the concept and provides real-time feedback. If you need help in making a consistent effort, we also provide daily reminders to avoid skipping the day.

5. Programming hub

Programming Hub is probably the most content-rich app on the list, offering everything from coding languages ​​to app development and software engineering. There are several free courses, but you can pay a lifetime access fee of around $ 30 to unlock over 100 courses and certifications. What I like most about this app is that the description of every course clearly defines what you’re learning and whether the course fits your purpose. It also includes an estimated salary that you can earn with the skills you have acquired.

If a good interface is appealing, Enki is one of the best designed apps to help you learn languages ​​like Python and SQL from scratch. The content is easy to understand and well explained with examples. If you’re starting a coding journey with friends or groups, you can also create a team to keep you informed of your progress. This keeps you motivated. For those with some experience, you can dive directly into solving code issues, so you basically don’t have to waste time.

Encode is a simple, no-frills app that offers bite-sized coding lessons. Think of it as TikTok, not a YouTube video. The interface is intuitive and the app offers free lessons on Python, JavaScript, and web development. If you don’t want to waste your time on possible network issues, you can also download the lessons offline. There are exercises, but you have to pay.

The name is self-explanatory, so you don’t need to introduce this app. If you are explicitly pursuing web development skills, this is the app you should check. We provide tutorials and courses on all relevant topics, from HTML / CSS to how to build a website from scratch. Free content is provided, but you have to pay for full content, certificates, priority support, and cross-platform synchronization.

Let’s face it. Today’s children are growing with powerful technology. If your kids spend hours watching videos, it’s a good idea to let them learn something worthwhile. Based on MIT Scratch coding language For kids (6-16 years old), this app allows kids to create their own interactive stories and games. It promotes computational thinking and problem-solving skills using an interface designed to match the cognitive, personal, social, and emotional development of young children.

Designed for children 6th to 12th grade, CuriousJr teaches design, structure, algorithms, and basic programming concepts. Coursework is visual and engaging, allowing students to create apps and games on mobile. It’s completely free to use and removes the boringness of coding. This is a great way to start your coding journey.

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Once you’ve mastered the basics of coding, try advanced tasks that mobile phones can’t complete. If you’re on a tight budget, you can easily hone your skills with one of the best Chromebooks. Google Colaboratory..

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