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Lilith Games’ Dislyte is a stylish city-themed RPG that, combined with a powerful mythical presence, fights against other mythical bad guys. With vibrant animations scattered around historical and cultural themes, a delicious soundtrack filled with modern R & B and electronica music makes this game a summary of the best Android games of the month in May 2022. Make it worthy.

The biggest attraction of playing Dislyte is the inherently deep system for building a team full of ancient gods called Espers. So Techvair has created a starter guide to let new players know the basics of Dislyte. In this way, building your first team is as easy as a pie.

Battle system

Combat is turn-based, and while one move can face multiple waves, defeating opponents requires careful ability management and synergistic team play.


Up to 5 Esper units can be deployed at one time. The first three are assigned to the front row position and the last three are assigned to the back row. Positioning is important only to the captain. All Espers benefit from leader passives, so the captain must be in the front row.

Elemental type

Dislyte utilizes a rock-paper-scissors system to determine the interactions between element types.

  • The wind overcomes the flow.
  • The flow overcomes Inferno.
  • Inferno overcomes the wind.
  • Glitter is neutral.

Attacking with an element that is more favorable than the target’s elemental type will trigger a 15% critical chance boost (more damage that scales off from Esper’s critical damage status) and a 50% chance to trigger a counter (30 more than expected). % More) Damage). Attacking at a disadvantage has a 50% chance of making a mistake (25% less than expected damage).



Cooldown and turn order management

The turn order is determined by the Esper speed value and action points. When the action point reaches 100%, the fastest Esper will move first. Use your abilities to place them in the cooldowns indicated by the numbers. This number reflects how many turns the unit has to wait for the ability to become available again. Buffs and debuffs can control action points and speeds.




Esper is an in-game playable unit. You can form a team of up to 5 Espers. Star ratings and roles classify Esper. The legendary Esper is a five-star and the most difficult to obtain, but at least a four-star is a magnificent Esper with a guaranteed 20 spins (pulls), making it easier to achieve. A variety of power-on options are available, including increasing star ratings through Resonance. It can be used up to 6 stars.



Your esper is divided by role and element type. The roles are as follows:

  • DPS (High Attack / Damage Oriented).
  • Tank (damage soaking / high defense).
  • Support (ability focuses on buff / debuff / recovery).
  • Controller (ability used to manage turns and APs).

Elemental types are Shimmer, Wind, Flow and Inferno. Matching elemental types determines Esper’s performance in combat.



Go to “Echo” to get more Esper. In a record player, you can spin (pull) once or 10 times by consuming a gold record. If you haven’t pulled yet, you will receive a Legendary Esper on your 120th spin.

Hint: The first Legendary Esper is available for free, so it’s a good idea to invest in the first Legendary and build a team around it. Play the story, request achievements / fulfillment courses, and get more gold records.


Equip and enhance relics to gain Esper stat boosts. At the initial level, you will only encounter a limited number of relics, so prioritize preparing a few units at a time and leave the rest. Eventually, the set will be cultivable while playing the “Ritual Miracle” ordeal.



The relic has a star rating system. The higher the stars, the stronger the basic statistics of those relics. Therefore, it is best interests not to overinvest in 2-star and 3-star relics, as it will replace them with 4-star and 5-star relics. The relics are then divided into main and sub-statistics. Always look to match Esper’s best main stats and focus on optimizing sub stats as you get more relics.



Equipment and enhancement are the two main options. Equipping the complete set unlocks the bonus. Focus on equipping battle units first, considering that you have few relic options at first. Enhancement is a way to level up a relic (at the cost of gold). For each of the three levels, new sub-statistics will be obtained or one of the existing sub-statistics will be randomly leveled up. Remember that the upgrade is not guaranteed to be successful and you will spend gold on every trial, regardless of the outcome.



Hint: You aim to build your esper according to their role. If your Esper is a DPS (fighter), look for relics built on attack rate, critical rate, and critical damage.

Become a legend

Dislyte We will faithfully flesh out the theme and settings and will continue to do so. Moreover, as the new Esper challenges and begins to shift the meta, the new teams and builds that create the theory look endless. Download from the Play Store widget below to see for yourself if Dislyte has the strategy and team building flavors you’re looking for. If you’re not completely satisfied with Dislyte’s sophisticated style, check out more games in Roundup of the best Android games.

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