The best console controllers running on Android have some hot new customization options

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In addition, a new pride controller is finally available


If you’re a big console gamer, trying to do it on Android can be a bit of a tweak. To be sure, many games are designed from the ground up with smartphones in mind and make smart use of touch input. However, there are many games that are reliable and just require accurate input. Physical controller. Microsoft has some great options and its Elite Wireless Controller is easily one of the best Android game controllers.Today we are checking the company’s slightly more affordable products Fun new customization options Come to the Xbox Design Lab.

If you haven’t played yet Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab Choose from dozens of colors and finishes to customize basically all the display parts of a standard Xbox controller. The company is now adding new soft green, soft orange, soft pink, and soft purple pastel colors, as if the existing options weren’t enough.

If you prefer a more patterned look, you can also choose from several new multi-colored body designs. These include five camouflage options (Arctic Camo, Blaze Camo, Forest Camo, Mineral Camo, Sandglow Camo) and a colorful pride design announced earlier this month (pictured at the top). .. All six of these designs add a $ 10 premium to the $ 70 controller base price.


Ready to start creating your own? Fortunately, as availability grows in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia and Switzerland, more gamers will have access to Design Labs than ever before. became. The road for the next few weeks.

Purchased at Xbox Design Lab

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