Samsung TV owners don't need an Xbox to play games like Starfield

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With the introduction of the TV app, Microsoft will soon take the next step with Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Samsung TV App Streaming Hero

Xbox Cloud Gaming May still be in beta Only available to those who have subscribed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (The most expensive version of the three tiers of the Xbox Game Pass available), Microsoft has big plans for this service. The company is ready to release a game streaming app for Samsung smart TVs (models manufactured in 2022 only) in 27 countries on June 30th. This means that your entire Xbox Cloud Gaming library will be playable on these TVs. Free version of Fortnite No Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscription required.

thanks to Numerous announcements by Microsoft todayIt turns out that Samsung TV, manufactured in 2022, will soon provide access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming library via the Xbox app. Users will be able to find and install this app on June 30th on Samsung Gaming Hub or Media Hub on 2022 Samsung TV. Simply sign in to your Microsoft account within the Xbox app and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play titles available on the Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Or you can enjoy a few rounds at Fortnite. The game does not require a subscription. The Bluetooth controller is supported as is.

It’s strange to see it still in beta as Xbox Cloud Gaming is about to branch to the TV, but if you don’t own an Xbox console to receive the other perks that come with the sub, a high-priced subscription I’m trapped behind the console. It seems clear that Microsoft intends to lead a new era of gaming. In particular, Microsoft has also announced plans to offer the ability to stream owned Xbox games that aren’t included in the Xbox Cloud Gaming library, so you can see this trick in action. .. The details on this are incredibly light, but like the news about Samsung TV’s game streaming, it shows Microsoft’s further impetus to move away from the console.

So, if there’s one point you can draw from today’s Xbox news onslaught, it’s that game streaming is becoming more and more focused on Microsoft. Indeed, the ability to stream Xbox games on Samsung TV in 2022 will be a killer feature, especially in the free version of Fortnite as a gateway drug. However, the exclusive rights to Samsung TV in 2022 and the fact that you need to subscribe to the top layer of the Xbox Game Pass just to access the Xbox Cloud Gaming beta are still big hurdles for mass adoption. Perhaps Microsoft is okay to take the time to ensure the best performance of streaming technology, but no doubt if you rush to release a stable version of Xbox Cloud Gaming that isn’t associated with the Xbox Game Pass. If you don’t live in the Xbox ecosystem, you can take part in streaming fun without wasting it.

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