One of my favorite games is coming to Netflix

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Cardboard Computer’s Kentucky Route Zero will be available on Netflix later this year, as well as many other games.

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If you’re still not happy to play, the games on Netflix may be a good reason to keep your subscription a little longer. Later this year, a mobile version of the magical point-and-click realist narrative game Kentucky Route Zero by developer Cardboard Computer will be available exclusively on Netflix, allowing you to play all five amazing acts directly from your smartphone.

I don’t want to spoil the game and its many amazing interludes with too many explanations, but the exaggerated and simplified premise is that I’m following a few people who have gathered on the magical path (and). Sometimes depressing) Route Zero — Fictitious … Let’s call it a “road” somewhere in southern Kentucky.

Trailer for the PC version of the game.

I’m not sure how mobile titles will behave differently on other platforms, but the PC version of the game uses vector-based graphics with point-and-click navigation schemes for great music, mood, and deeper stuff. Features-a story beyond expectations. Besides moving the character in different scenes through the five acts of the game, much of the interaction and progress is dialog-based through the options you choose. The game was more thoughtful rather than pointed, with themes and ideas that touched on a wide range of human experiences, and some of the various interludes of this act were very nice — You need to dial the number from your real phone..

Fans of more experimental forms of entertainment may be as engrossed in Kentucky Route Zero as I am, and I think this is one of the top five of my favorite games.

Netflix-only mobile port news comes from Netflix’s Geeked Week Virtual Fan Festival.Not mentioned in Showcase video (I can find), Cardboard Computer doesn’t mention it on its site or Twitter accountAnd it wasn’t included in the Netflix site announcement, but it’s included in the short teaser:

PR has confirmed that the mobile version of the game will be dedicated to Netflix, but it’s not clear how long it will be dedicated. We have inquired about additional information.

Subscribers are also looking forward to other Netflix games, but one is currently available. Poinpy is a new vertical scrolling platform game by the developers of Devolver Digital and Downwell, but this time we’re moving up.

But that’s not all. Two other games from Devolver Digital will also be available. Reigns: There are Three Kingdoms. This is a kind of card game with The Tinder swipe spin set in the Han dynasty, and is the fifth entry in a rather stereotyped but fun series. Terranil, Previously a PC game also published by DevolverIs a city builder focused on responding to the climate crisis and is now moving to mobile.

There is also a new narrative RPG called Shadow and Bone: Destinies. This is a game based on Netflix’s reality series Too Hot to Handle, and a game based on the Money Heist series, La Casa De Papel, is a queen’s gambit chess game and a Japanese-based platformer. Folklore is called Lucky Luna, turn-based strategy games are called Desta: The Memories Between, and management games are called Spirit Farrer.There are many things to incorporate, you can peruse A huge list of Netflix game announcements Take a look at the individual trailers out there.

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