Niantic's next game is aimed at slam dunk and calms down with free throws

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Why play basketball for exercise when you can play video games instead?

NBA All World Announcement Hero

Some might say that Niantic is a one-trick pony. The company has been launching similar playtest games over the years, so they’re not a mistake. Of course, Pok√©mon GO is the developer’s greatest success, but smaller games like Pikmin Bloom and Ingress have their own audience. Well, there’s a new release from the studio, officially licensed through the NBA, which is called the NBA All-World. The details are simple, but the game combines Niantic’s familiar real-world mechanics with one-on-one basketball action that can be collected in some way along with fashion. Niantic hasn’t yet offered two previously announced games (Transformers: Heavy Metal and Peridot), but it looks like a third title is in the works. Pre-registration available today on the Niantic website..

The above teaser trailer released today doesn’t reveal much about the NBA All-World. It’s like a movie and fun enough to watch, but it doesn’t show anything in the game.Thankfully Niantic too I published a blog post This shows that the title offers 1v1 mini-game action, offering aspects of the collection and, of course, some fashion mechanic that revolves around the collection of digital tennis shoes. This will improve performance in the title mini-game.

The big idea behind the game since the release of Niantic’s first title, Ingress, is that everything is designed to be played outdoors, facilitating movement and movement. The problem is that playing a physical game like basketball seems a bit ridiculous. This is a much healthier game than playing a video game, creating a situation where the NBA theme doesn’t exactly match the Niantic theme. style.And again, the NBA and its fan base Something like a dollar boxSo why doesn’t Niantic want to plug in this audience with a casual game built to appeal to the masses?

Another Niantic AR game, especially what looks like a blatant cash earner, isn’t intriguing to me, but it’s the terrible monetization found in all other Niantic games, directing kids. It is targeted. Therefore, judging from the history of developers, it’s unlikely that NBA All-World will offer fun and entertaining games that aren’t unpleasantly monetized. But hey, at least with the NBA theme, the NBA All-World needs to appeal to teens and adults who have the ability to understand the value of money (unlike children who are attracted to Pokemon and Pikmin). So, if you want to pre-register to be notified when the NBA All-World is available in your country, you can register in your new country. NBA All World Website.. Ideally, the game should be in beta and soft launch soon. Please look forward to it.

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