Marvel Snap will be officially launched in the first region, bringing a new season to trading card games

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For closed beta, progress will be carried over

Marvel Snap Philippines Release Hero

Marvel Snap was announced in May. This is a trading card game from Ben Brode, a former director of Hearthstone. The game started closed beta testing in several regions at the time of its announcement. The Philippines seems to be the first region to be officially released to everyone in the country today on both Android and iOS (the game will also appear on the PC, but at a later date). Today’s launch also heralds the arrival of a new season at Atlantis Beach Club, offering the right summer theme to explore Atlantis with heroes such as Wave, Cosmo and, of course, Namor. There are also new videos coming along with the launch and new season, which you can see below.

As you can see, Ben is very excited about the launch of the Marvel Snap in the Philippines and details how today’s launch still coexists with the closed beta version. As soon as more people are accepted into the closed beta, we should see official releases in more regions. The great thing is that the player’s progress is carried over from the beta. Therefore, when entering the beta version (Sign up here), You don’t have to worry about losing progress when the game is officially released in your area.

It’s also the beginning of a new month, so today a new season named Atlantis Beach Club begins. Incorporate the summer beach theme into the game and explore Atlantis with Namor (also known as Namor). Atlantis. This season we have a new hero / card called Wave. Coincidentally originated in the Philippines.. There is also a mix of new ranked rewards for players to compete on ranked ladders.

Of course, it’s still in its infancy, so bugs and other issues can occur if device support isn’t fully embodied yet. Another strange thing is that the Philippine release only supports English. Thankfully, developers are actively looking for feedback. Share that discordOr you can report the problem directly from the game Email..

Marvel Snap Philippines Release Screen (2)

Marvel Snap Philippines Release Screen (1)

Oh, and if you’re interested in checking the list of Play Stores for the new Filipino launch, you can navigate to the page by pressing the download button in the widget below.

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