Into the Breach is the latest indie game coming to Android via Netflix Games.

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Netflix is ​​becoming a place to buy premium mobile titles

In violation

Source: Netflix

The popular turn-based strategy game Into the Breach is an indie hit gem and could soon join the ranks of the best Android games. It will happen in the distant future and repel the alien invasion, while making sure you don’t destroy your city as ancillary damages while you are there. Hit games are available on PC, Switch and Stadia, but thanks to Netflix Games, it’s finally possible to make the right jump to mobile. As announced on Twitter, Into the Breach will be available on Android and iOS exclusively for Netflix subscribers. It will be available from July 19, 2022.

Violation to developer subset games Announcing the mobile version It will be the “exactly the same game” on mobile with the content you know in other releases, but it has a “reviewed and redesigned” touch interface to make it easier to use on a smaller screen. You will also receive the same just-announced Advanced Edition updates that are offered free of charge to other platforms. The refreshing thing is that this game can run without ads or in-app purchases, but like any other Netflix game, it requires an active streaming subscription to play. This isn’t just a subset game offering Into the Breach.

The title is praised for its simple yet highly strategic gameplay, which combines a unique art style with a great soundtrack. It’s also not the first unique indie game on the Netflix service. The company has added many acclaimed titles to its game lineup, including Cardboard Computer’s Kentucky Route Zero.

If you’re curious, but don’t want to pay Netflix on a monthly basis, or wait until July 19, you can also look up the title on other platforms.Into the bleach Currently on sale on SteamYou can buy it for just over $ 10. If you want to play it on your mobile phone right away, Obtained at Stadia $ 14.99. If you are interested in other Netflix games, make sure you know how to install them on your phone.

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