If you need the limited edition Diablo Immortal Galaxy S22 Ultra, you have to play for a fee

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Not a $ 1,300 loot box — I know what you’re getting here


Despite our grief, Activision Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal — the nature and everything of pay-to-win — proves to be a hit for Korean hardcore gamers. What is a better phone to do that than the special edition Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Wireless carrier LG Uplus hosts the lottery A place for 100 lucky ticket owners purchase Diablo Immortal Galaxy S22 Ultra Special Edition Package. Tickets can be booked every night from June 10th to 16th during a live stream hosted by U + and the winner will be selected on June 23rd.


Winners can use ₩ 1,669,000 ($ 1,300) to get a kit that includes a game battle pass, a leather mouse pad with an in-game map of the world, a lenticular print, bumpers and other Spigen products. Case, wireless charging pad, and pop-out socket grip. With those items … oh yeah, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra itself is all packaged in a wooden box with a sliding cover for the pleasure of the owner.

LG U + is also in operation Another campaign This also gives subscribers in-game benefits.

It’s probably not surprising given how long Blizzard monetizes all the last aspects of Diablo Immortal. The company reported about $ 15 million in mobile revenue during the first week of the game ( Game World Observer) The number of installations has exceeded 10 million.

Well, at least by buying this phone, the revenue will be split between LG, Samsung, Spigen and Blizzard in at least four ways, so not all of that $ 1,300 will go to one place. As you know, in contrast to spending six digits to dress up a character in the game. And at least the box we’re talking about here guarantees loot as well as theoretical odds.

But those are just some of the ideas from abroad.

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