How to unlock a new character with Genshin Impact

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HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact is still one of the best games on Android today, a vast and extraordinary experience with no other titles (at least not yet) approaching reproduction. The money and polish put into the Genshin Impact Show has been a big reward since its release in 2020. The beauty behind HoYoverse’s team is that they can always find a way to successfully absorb players into the world of Teyvat while introducing the cast of colorful characters to bring your adventure. So how do you get more characters to join the party? Today, we have compiled a character recruitment guide to help you build your team.

How to recruit starters

When you run the first Archon quest (main story), it will automatically recruit characters. See the checklist below.

  • Amber (bow, pyro): She is the second character introduced after Paimon. Earn amber within 10 minutes of playing.
  • Kaeya (sword, cryo): Kaaya is adopted third. Once you’ve completed the “Crash Course” quest, which is part of a series of prologue quests, you won’t miss Kaaya anyway.
  • Lisa (catalyst, electro): To get Lisa, you need to complete another quest in the Prologue Quest series, the “Sparks Among the Pages” quest.
  • Noel (Claymore, Geo): Unlike the first three letters, Noel can be missed or skipped. Learn how your wishes work when you unlock your wishing ability (Gacha System). If you want a banner for beginners (up to 20 wishes, 14 wishes with a discount), Noel is guaranteed on the first 10 wishes.

GI_starting 4

These characters are considered part of the starting cast, but will be acquired later than the four characters above.

  • Barbara (Catalyst, hydraulic power): Barbara joins the team when you reach Adventure Rank 18 and complete the “Long Shot” quest.
  • Xiangling (Polearm, Pyro): Unlock Spiral Abyss when you reach Adventure Rank 20. If you clear Floor 3 and Chamber 3 (3-3), you can recruit Xiangling from the spiral abyss event “People’s Choice”.


Purchase a character using Masterless Star Glitter

You can buy characters at Paimon’s store. There is a cost for Masterless Star Glitter. Masterless Star Glitter will only accumulate if you get a duplicate of your character and weapon (4 and 5 star rarities only). See conversion rates below for ideas.

  • Masterless Star Glitter for 4-star characters other than 2C6
  • 10 for 5 star characters other than C6
  • 5 for C6 + 4-star characters
  • 25 for C6 + 4-star characters
  • 2 for 4-star weapons
  • 10 for 5-star weapons

Tap the Paimon icon to access the shop> shop >> >> Paimon bargain >> >> Star glitter exchange..

Note: Available characters are reset every month and only one copy can be purchased.

GI_starglitter shop

Participation in the event

The event is a limited-time quest. In many cases, you will need to meet certain prerequisites, such as reaching a specific adventure rank, completing some world quests, or completing certain actions in an Archon quest. Playing an event may require a copy of the weapon (and improvements) or character.

Use the gacha system

A system of bread and butter for how to get more characters. Wish is another word for pulling or summoning using fate. Destiny can be earned through in-game methods such as adventure rank rewards, leveling up the sacred cherry tree at Taisei Shrine, or purchasing in other currencies (such as Primogems).

Standard wish banner

Also known as a permanent banner. Unlike limited-time banners, you can always request a standard banner. You get a guaranteed 5 star with 90 wishes, which is 50/50 about whether you get a character or a weapon. If you haven’t received any of your previous wishes, you’re guaranteed to get a 5-star character or 5-star weapon with 270 pulls. You are also guaranteed to receive your weapon with 10 wishes. To want a standard banner, you need the fate of an acquaintance.

GI_standard banner

Limited time banner

Reruns of new units and previous character event banners will only be displayed for a limited time. To summon a character event banner, you need an intertwined fate. You may see multiple banners at once, but the unfortunate system (how to reach the warranty) is shared between these banner types. This means that if you perform 20 pulls (20 wishes) on Character Banner 1, and you change your mind to the 5 star of interest you’re targeting, sympathy (20/90) will be the character banner. It means that it will be taken over by 2.

The character is guaranteed at 90 pulls, but reaching the first sympathy is a 50/50 toss-up, whether you receive the character from a standard banner or it’s a featured character. Sympathy will be reset when you get the featured character on the banner. 4-star characters also have higher rates for these banners. You get a 4 star weapon / character for every 10 wishes, and if you don’t get one of the rate ups in the first 10, it’s guaranteed in the second set of 10 pulls.

Note: Even if the current banner expires, the accumulated sympathy will be carried over to the character banner for a limited time.

GI_limited banner 1

GI_limited banner 2

The more you have, the better

HoYoverse does a great job of creating vibrant and engaging characters in the world of Teyvat. Acquiring and building units is a large part of the experience of Genshin Impact. Therefore, if you want to see what Genshin Impact offers, get the following installation.

You may have already occupied some lightning units, but if you haven’t found a way so far, you’ve noticed that you’ve hit a wall while getting the materials to build them. Included a guide on how to get to the lightning bolt.

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