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Niantic’s beloved kid, Pokémon GO, has been available on Android since 2016 and will never leave.Pokemon GO is impressive Generated over $ 5 billion in revenue Since its launch, it has loaded a large amount of content to provide timely updates with new features while making it fun for people to play. Pokemon GO leaves a unique mark on the Pokemon franchise by allowing adorable creatures to be taken on our own real-life adventures.

Whether you are new to Pokemon GO or a repeater, you need a little learning curve. Information will be thrown on your face within minutes of playing. The worst part is that some of this information will never be mentioned again. To be honest, the game shouldn’t be that overwhelming, but it’s still. We at Techvair aim to fix this by putting together a useful detailed starter guide for beginners. We will explain the basics such as the introduction of the game mechanics, useful how-tos, and valuable tips to help Pokemon travel in GO.

The above 30 second teaser Google play Preview of in-game features of Pokemon GO.

Pokestop and Jim

About Poké Stops

Poké Stops are the landmarks players visit to get free items. After spinning the item at the stop, wait 5 minutes in real time and then spin again. If you have a lot of time at hand, you can do this endlessly! Plan to go out in the park and set up a store next to the pocket stop. You can install a lure module to attract wild Pokemon for 30 minutes at Pokestop.

Freebies from Pokestop Rotation:

  • Berry
  • egg
  • Field survey
  • monster Ball
  • Portion
  • stamp
  • Resurrection

Note: The rarity of the items obtained depends on the level of the trainer.

How to rotate Poké Stop

  • Find a pocket stop near you. The radius of the circle around the avatar must be near Poké Stop in order to interact.
  • Tap the Poké Stop icon on the map within the app.
  • Select a photo disk and swipe in one direction to simulate rotation. Repeat until the item is displayed.
  • Tap the screen to collect items.
  • The pocket stop turns purple after use and later blue when ready for the next spin.

About the gym

Like Poké Stops, Jim is another landmark that players can visit (requires trainer level 5). You can spin the gym and take part in the gym battle. A special event, the “raid,” can occur at the gym. All gym activities will be put on hold while the raid is occurring.

When you leave your Pokemon to protect Jim, you will get Pokecoins for your account. Niantic uses Poké Coins as its in-game currency. You can earn more with real money, but it’s not required. You can earn 50 Pokecoins per day (6 Pokecoins per hour). 50 Pokecoins per day is a hard cap, so if you bring 3 Pokemon to 3 different gyms and all 3 return on the same day, you will not be able to earn 150 Pokecoins.

Efficiently cultivate candies and experience points

Part of the fun is watching your Pokemon stables grow. Pokemon cannot evolve without the use of candies, stardust (power-up currency), and items, and sometimes they even have to meet unique conditions.

Ignoring the trainer’s level is not a big deal. The best merchandise comes from the leveling rewards you earn as you level up. Important tips: Store the incubator and never throw it away. You need Poké Coins to restock. This is extra work for free play players.

Agricultural candy

Walking with Pokemon buddies is a way to earn candy. The distance (in kilometers) is not fixed. It is based on who the assigned buddy is.

  • Tier 1 – 1 km
  • Tier 2 – 3 km
  • Tier 3-5 km
  • Tier 4 – 20 km

Go to the buddy page and check below Walking progress To find out which tier your Pokemon falls into.

Screenshot showing buddy distance to get candy

In general, distance is related to the rarity of Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon is classified as Tier 4. Note that walking the legendary Pokemon is inefficient. Use rare candies instead.

How to assign a new Pokemon Buddy

  • Go to the buddy page and tap Exchange friends.
  • Tap yes Confirm the buddy replacement.
  • Scroll through the list or use the search function to find new Pokemon.
  • Tap a new Pokemon. Now you have a new companion!

Agricultural trainer experience

Trainer levels 1-40 (data TheSilphRoad).

  • Levels 1-10 (requires 165,000 XP points)
  • Levels 11-20 (requires 1,195,000 XP points)
  • Levels 21-30 (requires 9,300,000 XP points)
  • Levels 31-40 (requires 84,000,000 XP points)

Looking at aggregate data, the numbers increase exponentially. The higher the level, the longer it will take to reach the next level. Note: The upper limit of the level is not 40.

Trainer Experience Tips for facilitating farming

  • Make friends with Pokemon GO and send gifts every day. When you reach “Best Friends”, you will earn 100,000 XP. Popping a lucky egg doubles it.
  • Save your lucky eggs. Use Lucky Eggs during the XP rate up event. Niantic is not as generous as distributing lucky eggs frequently. Use it discreetly and wisely.
  • Join us on Community Day. Pokemon that catches Community Day will offer benefits including XP rate up.
  • Play the game. Egg hatching, new Pokédex entries, Pokemon capture, gym fights, and much more to get XP online.

Space management practice

To be honest, Niantic does a good job of encouraging players to upgrade their space early (only 350 bag spaces are accessible). In fact, 348 is cheap. Don’t be fooled. You don’t have to buy an upgrade on the first day. Also, some items can be discarded, making it easy to free up space.

Eventually, you’ll get Poké Coins for an upgrade, but trainers before level 20 don’t feel the pressure in a hurry.

Item management

Consistent item management is a great skill you should have in every game. The list below consists of items that are commonly collected – if the item is not in this list, do not do Throw it away.

  • Berry: raspberry, pinup berry, nanab berry
  • Monster ball (regular)
  • Potions: Potions and Super Potions
  • Resurrection (normal)

You are not finished yet. Cleaning up the item bag is just one step. Next is Pokemon storage management. Only 300 storage bases can be used. Even if you can catch over 700 Pokemon, Niantic has good control over spawns every week. In other words, you don’t fill the Pokédex at once.

Pokemon management

It takes time to catch a new Pokemon. However, managing large numbers of replicas is another story. If you keep catching Pokemon without filtering, the storage will fill up quickly. When filtering catches, prioritize quality and rarity checks. Don’t just catch everything and go there. Choose wisely.

Discarding some of your favorites can be painful, even if your CP is low and you already have too many duplicates to justify keeping the spot. As you become a more experienced trainer, your starter will probably meet these criteria. However, not all hope is lost. You can download the Pokemon HOME app and transfer Pokemon from GO to HOME.

Filtering tips

  • Check the individual values ​​(IV) and CP.

How to use the evaluation system

  • Go to the Pokemon page and tap the three horizontal lines.
  • Tap Evaluate.
  • This opens a dialogue with the professor, and the next dialogue page shows three categories: Attack, Defense, and HP. To get the best IV, you need 3 stars and all 3 lines should be red.
  • Check out the shiny Pokemon.

The three-star symbol below the CP indicates that the Pokemon is shiny. Shiny Pokemon are hard to come by-keep them if you can!

Shiny Pokemon displays a 3-star symbol under the CP

  • Please check your research topic.

Some tasks require the evolution of a particular Pokemon.

How to love Pokemon

  • Go to the Pokemon page. Check for unfilled stars in the upper right corner.
  • Tap the star to fill it. This will add Pokemon as your favorite.
  • Go back to the Pokemon menu and tap tag..under tag List your favorite Pokemon.

Last tip: I always like the Pokemon you have. In this way, you will not accidentally delete important Pokemon.

Research agenda is your best asset

Research task rewards are very useful for your account. You can get higher quality Pokemon (Better IV), higher rare items, and lots of XP / Stardust.

Don’t put off your research themes. Some are only for a limited time, while others take multiple steps. Pay attention to the type so that you can plan ahead.

Types of research topics

  • Field survey (from Poké Stops)
  • Special research (Professor Willow’s mission)
  • Timed research (special research for a limited time)
  • Level-up survey (for trainers of level 40 and above)

Routine development

At the end of the day, Pokemon GO thrives with a sense of progress. If you don’t do daily or weekly activities, you won’t get the most out of your play. Choosing what you do is completely subjective, so understanding what you enjoy most with Pokemon GO is part of your experience: Are you an avid Pokemon collector, PVP / PVE battle addict? , Or are you a research task completionist? There are many hats to wear and the choice is yours.

If you are aiming for, follow the approach below Balanced experience:

  • Check out your buddy. Perform tasks to help your peers win.
  • Check your daily research tasks to get stamps.
  • Let’s go catch the wild Pokemon that appears nearby.
  • Submit and open Pokégifts.
  • Open the shop and get a free box every day.
  • Work on special research and limited-time research tasks.
  • Turn on Adventure Sync and walk a little.
  • Spin at the Pokestop and place the Pokemon in a nearby gym (if possible).

How to turn on adventure sync

  • Open the main menu.Tap setting At the top.
  • under settingScroll until you see adventure Sync.. Make sure there is a green checkmark next to it.
  • Adventure synchronization This will turn it on.

When you turn on Adventure Sync, steps you take without opening the app are counted in later steps. This is great if you can’t play aggressively because you can proceed while doing other things.

Over time, your routine may change and adjust what you can do that day. Always check in advance when a special event is occurring. Do not miss it!

Post-release features you care about

Starting with a pandemic, Niantic has rethought its core mechanics to enhance accessibility to players around the world. However, Niantic has always found a way to regain the magic that Pokemon once had, while still adapting to public safety. As a result, some great features are still being reworked, so let’s check them out.

  • Remote raid: The true power of the assault was unleashed by the ranged assault. That’s exactly how it sounds. You can host or join a raid wherever you want to join your global friends in action. Remote raids use remote raid paths (separate from raid paths).
  • Change in distance: Originally, 40m in front of the Pokestop and Jim’s pandemic was changed to 80m, and the distance stays here.
  • XL candy: You can now get XL candies at trainer level 31 instead of level 40. XL candy is required to push Pokemon that have passed level 40.
  • More Pokemon have been added: Only over 100 Pokemon are available at the time of launch, Currently over 700. New Pokemon are constantly being added with every major update.

Pokemon GO stays here

Even if you’re a big Pokemon fan, you can’t claim it Pokemon GO Same as any other game found in the franchise. It’s the only title that encourages you to go for a walk to make progress in the app to find wild Pokemon in your backyard. So if you’re looking for an excuse to go outdoors to motivate your daily exercise routine, check out the Pokemon GO app using the widget below.

Also, if you want to play more games like Pokemon GO, check out Niantic’s upcoming AR game, Peridot.

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