How to download Fortnite and install Battle Royale on Android

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Fortnite may have been kicked from the Play Store, but you can still play the game on Android

Epic Games achieved a big no-no in 2020 by releasing a Fortnite update that avoids Google’s in-app payments. This removed the game from the Play Store. If you want to play Fortnite, you need to access Epic Games Store You can pull down the APK required for sideloading, or load a cloud streaming app such as Nvidia’s GeForce Now. So read on to find out how to access and install the latest version of Fortnite.

Install the Epic Games app

The first step to installing the latest version of Fortnite on your Android device is to get the Epic Games app. This is Fortnite’s native installer application that keeps your game up to date without going through the Play Store.

  • Open Google Chrome (or any mobile browser) and go to Official website of Epic Games.. Alternatively, if you are using a Samsung device, you can search for Epic Games in the Samsung Galaxy Store and install the Epic Games app.
  • You will need to sign in using your Epic account on the next page.If you’re a new user and don’t already own an account, scroll down and tap sign up Start creating an epic account. Fortnite-Install-3 Fortnite-Install-4
  • After signing in, go to In a web browser.
  • Tap Get it with the Epic Games app Install the Epic Games App APK. The pop-up warns you that the file may be harmful (this happens if you download the APK directly into your web browser).Tap Download anyway.. Fortnite-Install-5 Fornite-install-6
  • Find and open the file to complete the APK installation. Note: Depending on your Android version, you may be asked to allow your browser to install the APK. Toggle the switch in the Settings app, then go back and check the installation.
  • After installing the APK, you can launch the Epic Games app on your Android device.
  • Now you are ready to install Fortnite.Please tap obtain >> >> install.. Note: Settings may need to allow the device to download from this source. Fortnite-Install-7 Fortnite-Install-8
  • After the download is complete, launch the Fortnite app. Congratulations. You can now access Fortnite on your Android device.
  • Streaming Fortnite using Nvidia’s GeForce Now

  • Launch the Google Play Store and search Nvidia GeForce NowInstall the app.
  • Open the Nvidia GeForce Now app and follow the steps / login to complete the app setup. New users will need to create an account and check their email. Fortnite-Installation-nvidia-1 Fortnite-Installation-nvidia-2
  • To activate your GeForce Now membership, visit the following website: In a web browser.
  • Tap Join The membership you want to buy (priority is $ 9/6 / month $ 50) or a free basic membership. With the basic plan, you can access the cloud streaming service, but paid members have priority access, so you may have to wait for your turn.
  • Tap continue Complete the membership addition in your account. Fortnite-Installation-nvidia-3 Fortnite-Installation-nvidia-4
  • Then restart the Nvidia GeForce Now app and log in with your account.
  • Search for Fortnite, tap and[再生]Tap. You may be asked to log in to your Epic Games account.Tap connection Link your account and sign in automatically. Fortnite-Installation-nvidia-5 Fortnite-Installation-nvidia-6
  • Tap To give permission You have set the permissions to link Epic Games to Nvidia GeForce Now. You are also a companion! Fortnite-Installation-nvidia-7 Fortnite-Installation-nvidia-8
  • Google Play Store is not the only way

    Installing the Epic Games app or streaming Fortnite through a cloud service is the most reliable way to keep your Android up-to-date with the latest version of Fortnite. As such, the Epic Games proceedings between Apple and Google do not have to affect the gaming experience. Also, if you’re looking for additional tips or tricks in a Battle Royale session, check out our handy beginner’s guide.

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