Ghost Recon Breakpoint save works again in Stadia, Ubisoft is very sorry

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6-day travel time on holiday weekends

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Stadium Saves Return Hero

Last Friday, at Stadia’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, many players reported on the issue of losing saves. I went to ether.At that time, Google Recognizing bugs and working on issues, Ubisoft was silent. Well, after losing 6 days of storage in Stadia Ubisoft fixed the issueI apologize for the downtime of the affected people, so Stadia’s hands look pretty.

Ghost Recon Breakpoints are lost and the post screen is saved

You can check out Recent Posts to Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Forum This describes the lost save of Stadia that was cut out on the 25th. As of today, the missing saves in the service should have returned to their original location. Ubisoft apologizes for any inconvenience.

Losing saves is never fun, but it’s great to see Ubisoft take less time on holiday weekends, especially if you can’t control those saves within a gaming streaming service like Stadia.Sure, the 6-day lost save is inconvenient for anyone planning to play last week, but at least, as some developers have shown, you can trust Ubisoft if you run into problems with Stadia. I learned Lack of interest in updates After low sales. However, losing a save in the first place was a pretty surprising mistake. Hopefully this lesson was learned by both Ubisoft and Stadia, so it’s unlikely to happen again.

Therefore, if you are affected by the recent lost save issue of Ghost Recon Breakpoint in Stadia, you need to undo the save.If you still have problems, Ubisoft will help affected users Contact the support team..

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