Five Diablo Immortal Choices Not Payed to Win

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Diablo Immortal was released in June 2022 and received various reviews. While praising its attractive gameplay and smooth control, its aggressive monetization strategy discourages many from playing the game. Its pay-to-win mechanism means that if you don’t spend money, you’ll lag behind other players, creating an unfair competition for players.

However, Diablo Immortal is just one of many ARPGs available on Android. So we went ahead and collected the best premium alternatives on a convenient list, but none of them are paid. They include gameplay mechanics similar to Diablo Immortal to varying degrees, so fans of the ARPG genre need to find what they like for all of them. Of course, if you’re new to Diablo Immortal, you can read the Hands-on Review to see what it is.




AnimA offers the closest experience to Diablo Immortal in any of the games on this list. It’s challenging, but it’s not the same way as Pascal’s wager Soulsborn mechanics. Instead, AnimA recommends exploring all areas of the map and thinking carefully about how to defeat each boss. It’s a game of strategy, exploration, and fast combat, exactly what a hack and slash ARPG should be.

In-app purchases are also available, but due to the balanced monetization of the game, we cannot provide a shortcut to success. You can even grab your friends and join the trickiest dungeons or play the entire game solo. AnimA is perfect if you want a Diablo experience without a pay-to-win mechanism.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest-1

Titan Quest-2

Released in 2006, Titan Quest has been remastered for a new generation. In Titan Quest, explore the ancient world of Greece, Egypt, Babylon and China. Use different weapons and combat skills to dodge different creatures from the myths of each culture.

Titan Quest is a must-see for those who love ancient myths. However, as it is a direct remaster of the 2006 release, the gameplay and mechanics can be a bit clunky. It’s a bit expensive at $ 19.99, but it’s easily worth the money as there are various DLCs to extend the game and no mechanics to win.


Crystal Chronicle-2

Crystal Chronicle-1

The Crystal Chronicles are free to download, but Paywall blocks gameplay beyond the first three dungeons, so it’s just a free demo at first. If you want to unlock the full title, it will be returned to $ 24.99. Given that this is not a cheap mobile RPG, this is a reasonable price. FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLE for Android is exactly the same game you see on PS4, Nintendo Switch and iOS. Cross-platform functionality is available on all platforms.

Basically, this release is a remaster of the original GameCube game. The Crystal Chronicle is a fun hack and slash RPG that lasts very well alongside modern competitors. So if you’re an original fan, this is a worthwhile remaster. Outdated mechanics may put off newcomers a bit, but if you’re willing to take the time, digging is definitely a fun experience.

Pascal’s wager

Pascal's wager-1

Pascal's wager-2

Pascal’s wager does not offer a Diablo Immortal top-down camera, but it is a must-see for anyone looking for a truly challenging ARPG. It feels a bit like Dark Souls. There are lots of difficult bosses, a gritty world to explore, and a color palette inspired by soothing dirt tones. The basic game costs $ 6.99 and you can purchase the optional DLC. None of the in-game purchases are paid, so winning depends solely on your skill.

If you need a challenging ARPG that pushes the boundaries, play Pascal’s wager. Controls can sometimes be a bit clunky, so it’s a good idea to play this on your Android game controller for the best experience.

Almorada Kosen



Almora Darkosen is a carefully crafted retro RPG experience. Released in 2014, this game was designed to evoke the nostalgic feelings of a classic ARPG. Playing with ads is completely free, but you can remove ads for your game for $ 4.99. This is a purely single player experience, so if you like the multiplayer aspect of Diablo Immortal, pass it.

The lack of multiplayer may be a problem for some, but Almora Darkosen is definitely worth a look. Its retro animation is fascinating and its fast-paced gameplay will captivate you. It offers over 100 quests, original stories, a variety of quirky mini-games and relaxing non-combat skills. Worth a blow for those who missed the era of Diablo 1 and its relatives.

Try a Diablo Immortal alternative

If you are already enjoying Diablo Immortal, we recommend you to try these games anyway. They belong to the same genre, so you’ll probably find something that appeals to you. Or, if you just want to get your hands on another RPG experience, try one of the best RPGs for Android.

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