Diablo Immortal wants $ 110,000 to fully equip one character

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As you can imagine, the internet is indignant


Diablo Immortal began rolling out to the masses on June 1st, with an official release date of June 2nd.This has almost no time to test stable versions of non-beta games, but on weekends Many gamers and streamers We’ve delved into a free-to-play MMORPG, but we’ve all found that it costs an incredible amount of over $ 100,000 to fully maximize a character.Blizzard wasn’t shy about the fact that Diablo Immortal pays to win through a crest system that rewards the gems needed to improve gear, but revealed this predatory mechanism. After the first alphaThis is by lead game designer Wyatt ChenThere is no way to spend money to earn or rank up in gear“This turned out to be clearly not true and offended the Internet. Failed to announce the game In 2018.

As you can imagine, people are turning to Wyatt Chen on Twitter and asking what’s going on with all the pay-to-win monetization within Diablo Immortal. In the case of Gems, a gate item that actually improves gear.Of course, Wyatt claims he wasn’t true, but claims that the problematic Reddit post only refers to a particular gear (for the game’s 12-item slot). Eavesdropping about the web.. Ultimately, despite what Wyatt claimed, anyone could improve gear with Diablo Immortal, shining a bright light on the weasel words used to explain Diablo Immortal and its many suspicious mechanisms. You can spend money to improve your sex.After all, the game has a reason Block in Belgium and the NetherlandsAnd it has to do with the greedy monetization of Blizzard, which is adjacent to gambling.

In other words, Blizzard’s lead developer is running damage control on Twitter playing a semantics game regarding the implications of the previous description of the game, which claimed that there was no way to pay for Gear’s advantage. Is not surprising, but this doesn’t seem to be unexpected. Diablo Immortal always looks like this, especially when NetEase is connected. Blizzard has had a four-year opportunity to spend more time disguising its terrible F2P monetization than in most cases. It probably explains why it took a few days for fans to sum up a few days after the release. How much does it cost to fully equip one character?..

There is no excuse for anyone to be able to use the brand new Lexus LC500 and above in one game. Sure, it’s hard to throw $ 110,000 because no one has to spend this to enjoy Diablo Immortal’s story mode, but the money needed to actually gear the character to the fullest. And time is certainly a number. Little Blizzard respects its player base.

Diablo Immortal is a game that has sounded many alarms that will be rewarded in 2018 and turned out to be true after four years of development. As far as fans are concerned, this is certainly a low point for Blizzard, but no matter how angry the internet is, Diablo Immortal will definitely make billions of dollars. This is even more depressing. Despite a lot of anger focused on misleading remarks and psychologically abusive monetization, Blizzard will be at the top as well. As a result, many developers continue to create similar cash grabs using well-known franchises to seduce players.

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