Diablo Immortal is now available on mobile: Announcements and availability

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It’s no secret that Blizzard has spent the last four years developing Diablo Immortal. The 2018 announcement didn’t go very well. For a while, a dark shadow remained in the game. Still, in recent years Blizzard has been very positive about game development and has most drawbacks. This is because it was clear that ARPGs will be paid to win after the alpha version. In recent news, the game looks like this: Blocked in some countries Beyond that excessive monetization is also not a good sign. Still, there is a whole new world of PvE to explore, unimpeded by many payment methods in the game. That is, story content is viable for all free players.

Today marks the first deployment of Diablo Immortal on mobile ( Beta for PC gamers ARPG will slowly land in new regions until its official launch date of June 2nd (some other regions will launch on June 22nd, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia and the Philippines). .. , Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand). So, one day has passed since the official release, but today really marks the beginning of the rollout.

The trailer for the Diablo Immortal release date above is the latest video to watch for a glimpse of how the game works, as it’s still a day away from the June 2 release date. As you can see, tit makes it easy to see the parts with detailed graphics comparable to Diablo 3.

Initially, Diablo Immortal provides exactly what Diablo fans want, with a large amount of hack and slash action distributed across bite-sized products, making it easy to jump off and perfect for mobile releases. Choose from 6 classes including Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard. Each has its own skills and requires its own armor and weapons, so be sure to choose a character that leans towards your preferred playstyle.

Diablo Immortal Release Play Store Screen (1)

Even better, we are not limited to touch controls. They work great, but controller support is also a mobile and PC option, and game control is very good this way. Blizzard seems to be working entirely on accessibility options. This is certainly fresh in the industry, which usually abandons detailed control options.

When it comes to performance, Diablo Immortal is demanding, but with a frame rate option that can be limited to 30FPS or 60FPS, you can choose between low, medium, and high settings. You can also drill down to individual settings to dial performance, and there’s plenty to adjust from fog to antialiasing to bloom. So if you’re used to tweaking game settings on your PC, you’re used to fine-tuning Diablo Immortal at home.

Diablo Immortal Release Play Store Screen (3)

Diablo Immortal Release Play Store Screen (2)

One thing to keep in mind is that Diablo Immortal is a very big game. Westmarch’s primary download is divided into 5 initial segments, all of which take time to fully install. Fortunately, the game is downloaded during play so you don’t have to wait for it to jump, but it still requires space. Make sure you have cleared at least 2.4GB of disk space. If you like to fit everything, you’ll need at least 10GB. Oh, if you think it’s bad, the PC version will clock in at 24GB.

Of course, Diablo Immortal is free to play and has NetEase in the title, so that’s always the case given the terrible monetization of the game. Not only is there an optional Battle Pass to take advantage of player FOMO, but there are also secondary subscriptions that reward more items, and there are plenty of opportunities to pay to earn rewards at a faster pace than playing for free. .. To make matters worse, many of these rewards, such as Crest, are used to improve the quality of guaranteed drops. Drops are used to power up weapons. So you can find all the loot in the game, but you can get the tools you need to improve your gear with money, and the more money someone drops, the better than the free payer. Will be. With the addition of PvP mode, you’ll see exactly why you can pay your advantage.

Diablo Immortal Release Play Store Screen (5)

Diablo Immortal Release Play Store Screen (4)

Overall, Diablo Immortal took a long time. It seemed at least worth the wait, due to the support and overall sophistication of the added controller. The game looks great, works well in many settings, and is fully controlled by the touchscreen and controller. It’s clear that Blizzard has refined the game to a high degree of luster, but this also applies to greedy pay-to-win monetization. There are many ways to pay infinitely. So while there are plenty of quality ARPG gameplay to experience if you can ignore greed, if you plan to compete for end-game PvP content, you’ll soon be left behind as a free player. .. As expected, Diablo Immortal is a mixed bag, but at least it’s a mixed bag that offers cross-platform play on mobile and PC, and it’s easy to try regardless of where you want to play.

Of course, if you want to get a hands-on experience with the stable version of Diablo Immortal, you can read all about how the game works and monetize here.

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