Capcom's Ace Attorney trilogy is finally available on Android in English and will be available until June 15th

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Nine years after the release of iOS, a court adventure trilogy found its way to Android.

Phoenix Liteace Ace Attorney Release Hero

Capcom’s Ace Attorney: Ace Attorney never went west with an English translation like iOS in 2013. Sure, Capcom brought many other titles in the series to mobile in 2017, but the original trilogy had never been seen before its release outside Japan on Android. This all changes today as Capcom finally released Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on Android in English. You can now get a copy for $ 18.99 to commemorate the release.

The trailer above details exactly what Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy offers in Android. As expected, the title contains all 14 episodes of the original game of Ace Attorney, straddling Ace Attorney: Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney-Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney-Trial and Tribulation. All three games offer a combination of visual novel content. Here, we play the role of Ryuichi Naruhodo, a defense counsel whose mission is to defend the client. This creates a drama that digs up clues to reach acquittal in court and cross-examines witnesses.

As this is a new release designed for the latest devices, HD graphics, game storage slots increased to 10 (per language), English, Japanese, French, German, Chinese, and Korean. .. Unfortunately, there is one caveat. Capcom states that there is no refund when you purchase the app. It’s probably worth remembering that all of the previous Ace Attorney games released on Android were released on Android. Never seen update of At least 2 yearsLast update of Apollo Justice Dating back to 2016.. Therefore, Capcom seems to have a short history of keeping premium mobile games up to date.

Ace Attorney Release Screen (1)

Ace Attorney Release Screen (2)

Still, today is the first time Ace Attorney Trilogy is available in English on Android. So if you want to play high quality court adventure games, $ 18.99 is (at least) affordable. 60 hours play time.. I’m worried that Capcom doesn’t offer refunds and premium releases are rarely updated, but Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy costs $ 30 on consoles and PCs, but joins this adventure series. Is a great price for $ 18.99. So if you want to get a copy, you can buy the title from the Play Store widget below.

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