Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Coldsnap Update brings a new but familiar hero to battle royale

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Mid-season updates for the game are here to improve matchmaking

Apex Legends Mobile Cold Patch Update New Hero Hero

Apex Legends Mobile was released on Android this May and is still in its first season (after all, because it’s a live service battle royale), but today we’re celebrating the announcement of a new legend. Thursday, June 16th. Today’s mid-season update offers a special currency frozen loot box that can be used for loot in the season shop, with the arrival of a new Battle Pass with new rewards and a unique gaming feature that freezes the area around it. I am. In addition, there are some bug fixes to avoid in order to deal with player frustration in matchmaking in the game.

You can see the trailer for the ColdSnap gameplay above. This is an existing character in PC / console games, but introduces Loba, a new feature in Apex Legends Mobile. When she reaches Battle Pass level 25, she will be able to unlock. Or you could buy the character in full, but she won’t arrive until Thursday, despite the Coldsnap update starting today. You can also see that there are some winter themes. A large object called a climber makes snow fall on the ground. This will replace the regular loot box with a frosted loot box and award diamonds. You can use it to purchase rare items at the seasonal shop.

What’s New

  • New Legend: Donkey
  • New Mode: Town Takeover-Winter War Fair Game Mode
  • New weapons, battle passes, seasonal shops
  • Optimization and bug fixes

As with all live service game updates, bug fixes are expected and some have been implemented to address matchmaking issues. Electronic Arts also elaborated on plans to further improve the game. Today’s post from the developer..

Thank you for your feedback and feedback. Here’s how we keep the game better: with your continuous feedback, is it good or important? Here are some of the things I’ve heard from the community as an urgent fix:

  • Frustration about ranked systems
  • How to handle bans in regular games
  • Matchmaking optimization
  • Device and server performance optimization

As you can see, EA has big plans to move forward, acknowledging player concerns. Unfortunately, no answer is provided today on how to deal with all these issues, but it’s safe to look at the company in front of these complaints.

Overall, today’s update seems welcome and brings new content and new characters. Sure, it’s nice to see Updateland on the same day as the new character, but donkeys aren’t a big deal, so I think you’ll have to wait another two days to play. In addition, EA seems to be working on balance and performance. This has always been great, as Apex Legends Mobile launched a month ago. So if you want to see recent improvements in matchmaking in your game, or if you want your Battle Pass level to reach 25 before Loba is released on Thursday, click the Play Store widget below to install / update your game. I can do it.

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