Apex Legends Mobile and Fortnite, CoD Mobile, and PUBG Mobile: Which Battle Royale Wins?

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Apex Legends Mobile has been widely available on Android since May, and PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite are facing fierce competition as they can be played on mobile phones for years. Surprisingly, it can manage to compete thanks to a high level of polishing. In fact, Apex Legends Mobile is becoming one of the best Android games in the Play Store. Let’s take a look at the comparison with the competitors.

What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a battle royale developed by Respawn Entertainment and set in the world of Titanfall about 18 years after Titanfall 2 Story Mode. The connection between Apex and Titanfall is strong, and Apex is largely based on folklore from its predecessor. Some characters like Blisk (the creator of Apex Games) and Ash (a playable character coming soon on mobile) were in Titainfall 2, but other legends are somehow related to it. The huge amount of folklore associated with this game may seem daunting, but thanks to the semi-regular animations Respawn releases, it’s easy to follow.If you want to check them, you can In this playlist..

Apex’s greatest strength is its uniqueness, and the mobile interpretation described in today’s article also nails this. Make sure Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, and PUBG Mobile are playing as an anonymous growl with customizable skins and loadouts. Apex Legends Mobile, on the other hand, feels like a hero shooter in this regard. The mobile port offers 10 playable legends, each with its own backstory, dialog, and gameplay capabilities. Combine this with the tight movement system inherited from Titanfall for a unique Battle Royale.

Apex Legends Mobile is a port of the game developed by Tencent, the studio responsible for PUBG Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile vs. Fortnite



Like all battle royale, Fortnite can drop you from an aircraft onto a shrinking map without weapons or resources and find what you need to survive. Fortnite does what no other game can do: basebuilding. You can destroy environment objects and collect those resources to create buildings and platforms. This mechanic isn’t as popular as it used to be, and although the game has a no-build mode, I still enjoyed it. In addition, loot is on the floor, chests, and airdrops.

Apex Legends Mobile works in a similar way, but with no structure. Crafts are included, but the behavior is different. Each time you open the supply bin, you will be awarded some crafting materials. If you take these to the craft station, you can exchange them for various items. Crafters allow you to upgrade your shield, get ammo and health items, and get one of two weapons that come in and out every three months. You can also create four loot. Two of them change daily and the rest change weekly. These items can be anything from weapon sights, better backpacks, or weapon mods called hop-ups.

There is a caveat. Apex Legends Mobile is a bit clunky, especially when compared to the PC / console version. The frame may fall and the touch controls can be awkward. Nevertheless, it still feels more sophisticated than Fortnite. Fortnite’s mobility system feels awkward, especially when trying to climb objects. Fortnite’s crouching slide system looks good, but it’s not as good as the one in Apex Legends Mobile. You can see it fly around the map right away. Fortnite makes up for this slightly with vehicles, including tanks that can do a lot of damage. Apex Mobile has Trident, a high-speed vehicle designed to keep squads safe, but it doesn’t have the onboard weapons of Fortnite’s tanks.

Gunplay is very different between the two titles, and the mobile version of Apex is more realistic. With Apex you can feel the weight of each weapon fired and each gun will feel different from other guns. Overall, Apex Legends Mobile feels more fun to play. Fortnite’s cartoon-style aesthetic and flashy dance may be lacking, but core gameplay is light-years away.

One of Fortnite’s biggest problems is that it’s not available on the Google Play store. Epic Games or Galaxy store Sideload the title.

Apex Legends Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile



PUBG helped map Battle Royale and sold 20 million copies in the first year, despite early access. After all these years, it still feels like an Early Access game, even in the mobile version. The player animations are simple and buggy, and I feel that the game can stop working at any time. PUBG Mobile is still a fun game, but I feel like it hasn’t been completed in four years. Sound doesn’t help games either. The audio mix is ​​muddy and not exciting. Thanks to its incredible graphics on the PC, you can forgive a lot of this, but in the mobile version, the graphics aren’t going to save the day.

Apex Legends Mobile’s loot system is much easier to use than PUBG Mobile’s loot system. In Apex, white, blue, purple, gold, etc. are all color tuned. The types of ammunition are also sorted in this way. These bright colors mean that you can find important loot from a distance, allowing players to determine if they need to move to a particular area.

With PUBG Mobile, everything looks general. Each type of ammo is different, but the item itself is so small on the ground that you won’t know if you need it until you stand on it. Recognizing subtle differences in shape and color will become easier over time, but new players will be able to take advantage of Apex’s system as soon as they start playing.

Apex Legends Mobile vs.Call of Duty Mobile



Call of Duty Mobile is the game we expected to give Apex Mobile a run for that money. The other modes in CoD are smooth, sophisticated and fun to play. I thought Royal mode would feel the same. But that’s not the case. CoD’s Royal Mode is somewhere between PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. It feels better than PUBG mobile, but not as fun as Fortnite, not to mention Apex Legends Mobile. All the basics are here — the movement feels natural, the shootout is solid, and the loot system is pretty good. The only problem is that it’s “pretty good”. This mode feels like it’s been added to an existing CoD Mobile experience, check the box and invest in the hype surrounding this genre. Everything feels bland.

In particular, the dialogue stands out and has good reasons. CoD Mobile gets a common voice line that repeats every time you ping an enemy or loot. Apex Legends Mobile is in stark contrast to this. Each legend has a quip that can be equipped on the emote wheel, beyond which the conversation will be better. Standardized voice lines such as loot pings and enemies vary from legend to legend. Not only are the voice actors different, but the lines themselves have also been changed to suit the character’s personality. This is one of many things that makes CoD feel bland and bland compared to Apex Legends Mobile’s vibrant and vibrant voicework.


You can enjoy the games on the list today, but in our opinion, you can have the best time with Apex Legends Mobile, especially if you follow the starter guide steadily. Despite the toothy problems associated with newly released titles, Apex Legends Mobile is more sophisticated and well-organized than other battle royale games on mobile. Unique characters and addictive movement mechanics create a fun and memorable experience that will make you want to keep playing.

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