Android's best platform series will be expanded today with a new release

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Dadish 3 brings a large amount of infectious pixel art to Android at 50 new levels

Dadish3 Android Release Hero

Thomas K. Young has been busy creating the best Android games since the release of Super Fowlst in 2018. In 2020, Dadish launched on mobile. Vegetable children. The game turned out to be so popular on mobile that it received a sequel named Dadish 2 in 2021. Given that both games have won over 1.5 million installations on Android, 50 new levels to explore with Dadish 3 released today and numerous collectibles / secrets to discover.

Like Dadish 1 and 2, 3 offers similar platform gameplay and is full of amazing pixel art. This time, your vegetable kids have managed to be kidnapped. If you don’t save them, they turn into radish soup. Again, set out to save your kids with 50 new levels to explore and 5 new bosses to defeat. It has a mix of fresh soundtracks and lots of new dialogs full of puns. Like the previous iteration, Dadish 3 is a 2D platformer that offers a lot of charm and fun gameplay.

The great thing is that Dadish 3 is free to play and has scattered ads. If you want a premium experience, you can pay $ 3.49 to remove these ads. The choice is up to you, which is always appreciated and is a sign of a quality developer who understands its audience. Best of all, the controller is supported so you can play comfortably on big screens such as tablets and Chromebooks.

Dadish 3 screen (2)

Dadish 3 screen (1)

No matter how sliced, Dadish 3 is the welcome release for Android, suitable for free and paid players, choosing controls, whether they prefer touchscreen play or the tactile sensation of the controller. So if you want to perform new platform actions on Android, Dadish 3 is here and it’s a great release. Do not miss it!

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