Alchemy Stars celebrates its first wedding anniversary with lots of free content

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The mobile gacha RPG “Alchemy Stars” was a year ago, and the birthday party is in full swing, and prizes that have never been seen before are being unfolded. As you can imagine, there are some pretty cool things to get.

If you are a new or existing user, you can benefit from a festive gift. So, if you’ve never played Alchemy Stars before, it’s time to jump in and receive a game-changing gift. Similarly, if you’re a Day 1 veteran of Alchemy Stars, all you have to do is log in and play during the promotion period to get all the same bonus content.

What is Alchemy Stars?


Source: Level Infinite

If you are new to Alchemy Stars, you may be wondering what it is. If so, let me explain a little.

Alchemy Stars is essentially a mobile strategy RPG game. The developer is Tourdog Studio, the publisher is Level Infinite, and the game is free to play. However, as with various online games these days, you can buy a wide range of in-game purchases to enhance your play through in-game purchases.

Alchemy Stars also has a gacha feature, so some of your in-game purchases are basically random prize loot boxes, allowing you to bring new characters called “recruitments” to the battlefield in-game.

Alchemy Stars is a single player game, but check out how the latest updates bring some additional features that allow you to live in the same space as your peers.


Source: Level Infinite

In terms of the story, the tradition of Alchemy Stars is solid. There are six different factions that players can discover as they traverse the game world of Astra. The game follows a fantasy / sci-fi theme, with both elements influencing the story of the game and how the gameplay works. This includes an innovative tile-based combat system. This allows players to unleash catastrophic attacks against evil forces beyond standard combat power.

In other words, it is alchemy stars in a nutshell. With new players a little more clues, let’s see what we can get from the celebration of Alchemy Stars’ 1st Anniversary.

Gacha game goods to defeat Genshin …

From now until June 20th, Alchemy Stars has a variety of great bonuses to enhance your mobile gaming experience.If you don’t have the game yet, you can download it now on both Android When iOS.. As already mentioned, it doesn’t matter if you are a new Alchemy Stars player or have been playing for a while. As long as you sign in and play between now and June 20th, you will be promoted.

So what are we looking at for free in-game content?

In-game rewards for Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars’ in-game currency is Lumamber, which you can use to purchase various in-game items. You can use Lumambers to replenish prisms (basically your character’s stamina) or exchange them for Aurorarian recruits. During the promotion period, players will receive free Lumambers and can use them as they like.

In addition, you can get the 6-star Auroran, one of the rarest playable characters in the game, for free. If you need a character that really helps you fight the evil Eclipse, you’ll need to do serious damage to your team’s 6-star Auroran or add other special abilities to your hero gathering.

There’s a lot that the game developers haven’t revealed yet, so keep logging in to receive your prizes. Microtransactions usually come at the cost of this kind of thing (a gacha element of the game, basically a random loot box, or “pull”), so grab them while you’re doing well!

Cloud garden

Cloud Garden KV (1)

Source: Level Infinite

What do Aurorans do in their spare time when they are not protecting Astra from the evil clutch? Of course, they hang out in the cloud garden. Please forgive me for not knowing about Cloud Garden, as this is a new gaming feature that will be introduced to celebrate the anniversary.

So what exactly is Alchemy Stars Cloud Garden? This adds elements to the game that are not focused on combat or adventure. Instead, players can create items, build bases, decorate them with all sorts of cosmetic items, and make Astra patches that can really be called home when you’re not busy breaking chain combos. I can do it.

Gather craft resources, create your own items, and basically build your own cloud-based paradise. Once you’ve built your base, you can head to the store and pack all sorts of ornaments into your new hangout. And what’s the best? You can invite all the Alchemy Stars companions to play together in the Sky Palace or explore their companions. You’re right, right? right!

New playable characters

AS Character Preview Reinhardt

Source: Level Infinite

Wouldn’t it be enough to choose from over 100 playable characters? Now, with the game anniversary update, new characters arrive with impressive weapons and elemental powers to help fight the darkness. Reinhardt.

Reinhardt is Illumina’s own grand marshal, protecting the faction from the forces of darkness. With her pentastar, a burning spear that can cut through nasty eclipses like butter, Reinhardt makes her formidable companion to take her to the battlefield. And now that she has arrived as a playable character, you can do just that.

As we say, there are many characters to collect throughout the Alchemy Stars universe. Each has its own special abilities, weapons, combat styles, and weaknesses, so forming the perfect squad to take on Eclipse is as important a tactical decision as the choices you make during combat.

New story episode

AS Anniversary Key Visual 2022

Source: Level Infinite

The 1st Anniversary update will not be a celebration update unless you add a new story arc that will appeal to the player. Therefore, it will please existing players to know that Tourdog has added a whole new storyline, A Hero’s Return, to the proceedings.

You already know about Reinhardt and Illumina’s ability as a grand marshal. The hero’s welcome — the new storyline available at Alchemy Stars — records the return of our new character to her hometown after years of absence. However, the journey to her home did not go as planned, forcing Reinhardt to divert her attention to an unknown threat on the Illumina horizon.

I won’t say any more, but it’s no exaggeration to say that this new episode of Alchemy Stars is being hyped. Unraveling any further details will ruin your surprise, so you need to play the game to learn more about the difficulties Reinhardt is facing.

Celebrate the 1st anniversary of Alchemy Stars in style

It’s always good to receive lots of free content in the game, and the Alchemy Stars 1st Anniversary Promotion is one of the best we’ve seen. With new characters, new stories, and even brand new game modes, Tourdog keeps its gacha RPG fresh for new and existing players.

So launch the game (or Please download first Prepare to infuse Eclipseites into the shadows to which they belong) (if you don’t have one yet).

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