8 best RTS games for Android in 2022

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Real-time strategy (RTS) games are typically played on a PC using a mouse and keyboard. They require quick and accurate input, which is difficult with a small touch screen. RTS games for Android address this issue in a variety of ways. Some developers duplicate the PC experience through careful UI design. Others require minimal input from the player and rely on features such as automation and clever map design to provide the player with a balanced experience.

Mobile games are often designed to be easy to play in short chunks, as are the RTS genres. Ports of games like Rome: Total War encourage extended gameplay sessions, while other port versions like Element fit comfortably into your morning commute. Some of these games offer online capabilities, but if you’re just looking for an online experience, we recommend trying a dedicated online multiplayer Android game. But if the RTS is optimal, there is a good roundup to help with it.

1. Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War was originally released on PC in 2004. The Android port provides a clear and straightforward UI that is a beautiful demonstration of how to adapt complex RTS to mobile games. Commanding hundreds of soldiers from your mobile phone is very easy and doesn’t make you clunky to play.

Rome: Total War will rule one of 19 factions. In the course of the campaign, we will try to conquer Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. While large RTS battles are central to the game, thoughtful turn-based campaigns give players space to reflect and plan before their next conquest.

2. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North puts you under the control of the island kingdom under siege by the Viking invaders. Fly between a series of stunning procedural islands, guide people safely, and repel waves of ax-wielding predators as you advance your campaign. The mission is long enough to make the victory feel satisfying, but long enough to draw attention.

Before each mission begins, you will place your army around the island and give orders. There is no micromanagement here. Each unit is smart enough to interpret the order most appropriately. Don’t be disarmed by fascinating aesthetics. Within minutes, you will kneel in the blood of the Vikings as you desperately order to protect the land.

3. Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 is perfect for those who occasionally want to play a simple RTS. It lacks the complexity found in the other games on this list, but it’s not important. Mushroom Wars 2 is designed to be easy to pick up and play, and offers a wide range of campaigns along with PvP mode.

It’s easy to learn, but Mushroom Wars 2 is certainly not a casual game. Missions can be very difficult, so be prepared to take a break when things start to get worse. Microtransactions are included, but are not needed by everyday players and should be avoided.

4. Civilization VI

Like Rome: Total War, Civilization VI is a port of the well-established PC franchise. The latest version of the Civilization series, this port follows many of the same tricks as Rome: Total War to create an accessible mobile experience. Instead of a series of quick missions, the Civilization VI game lasts for hours. It will be difficult to put in, as shown in the game’s unofficial motto, “One More Turn.”

Due to the variety of difficulty options in Civilization VI, this is the perfect game for those who are casually trying to build an empire or who want to have fine-grained control over their path to victory.

5. North Guard

Northgard is reminiscent of games like Age of Empires. Gameplay revolves around managing resources, expanding residence, and sending troop waves to occupy enemy territory. The focus here is not on large-scale combat, but on the careful management of a small number of units.

Northgard includes a campaign to introduce players to major factions, but the game is shining in multiplayer. You can choose to play against AI or access online multiplayer and play directly against other players. Each faction offers a radically different approach to gameplay. Northgard is easy to learn, but it can take some time to win regularly. Don’t be fooled by the relentless nature of Northgard. This is one of the most rewarding RTS games available on Android.

6. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. provides players with simple goals. It is a deadly disease to wipe out the world’s population. However, achieving this goal is an important task. Plague Inc. is a complex game that rewards planning and careful manipulation to achieve victory. Failure many times in a row is a rite of passage for newcomers, but when you finally see the last person succumb to your illness, you will want to start over.

Once you have selected the type of illness you want to use, use the game to explore new characteristics of your illness. These are categorized into transmission methods, symptoms, and abilities. The evolution and implementation of new properties must be done with caution. If you become aware of your illness, it’s a battle against time before a cure is developed.

7. Elements

Element was designed from scratch for quick pick-up and play. Gameplay follows the traditional RTS scheme (collecting resources to form an army to defeat your opponents), but the match is designed to end within minutes. Many games advertise the same benefits, but Element’s strength lies in its perfect execution.

Element is not an easy game. The options available to players are minimal (only 4 buildings / units are built in the game), but it takes a lot of practice to use them properly. There is a short period of “peaceful” setup, but the turning point of the game is often reached within a minute. And if it fails, it only takes a few seconds to start a new game.

8. rymdkapsel

It’s difficult to define a rymdkapsel. It’s a combination of base builder, puzzle game and tower defense. But it wasn’t the carefully designed gameplay or relaxing music that captivated me. Instead, it was when I was upset that one of my anonymous white rectangles hit a flying red triangle. We know that rymdkapsel is elegantly designed, well-run, and doesn’t require flashy graphics or complex features for a great RTS.

The rymdkapsel game follows a simple premise. That is, build a base, study monoliths, and protect yourself from the murderous triangle. The focus is on building a base to your liking, but without careful resource management and corridor planning, your plans will be ruined. Ideal for anyone who wants to be rewarded for building the perfect foundation.

Challenge the RTS game

The best RTS games for Android provide gamers with a rewarding experience. Even casual gamers are encouraged to try games like rymdkapsel. These games offer a more relaxed approach to this genre. Some of these games like Bad North have become the best Android game choice. Of course, we’re always looking for more, so if you can’t find your favorite, drop it in the comments below.

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