5 best apps for Father's Day bookings

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Believe us, your dad is tired of getting ties and socks for Father’s Day. Unless you plan to keep him in touch with the new grill and its expensive portal, your pop is probably looking forward to a little fulfilling time with his family above all else. After all, when was the last time you called to congratulate him on installing the new fence?

Sometimes the best way to show your dad what you care about is to do as easy as making a reservation, so he doesn’t have to. Fortunately, we’ve put together the best booking apps to make Father’s Day a big deal and a little easier. This allows you to have a good time and quality time everywhere. And hey, if you take the initiative, maybe he still pays for it?



If you’re considering booking a table at a restaurant, you’re more likely to come across OpenTable. Securing more than a billion seats a year is not an easy task, but the app’s powerhouse has made it a success. The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary. That is, it is reliable enough to manage bookings for nearly a quarter of a century. The app isn’t bad either, it offers everything from reviews and price ranges to delivery options and the number of times you booked for the day. OpenTable is one of the best booking apps out there, and dads will love all the details contained in each restaurant.



Yes, it’s not just for leaving passive-aggressive reviews! Yelp since 2010 Offers a booking service so you can book your table at your favorite restaurant while reading about the latest nuts jobs that hate the annoyances such as the table being too close to the window. The number of restaurants is a bit limited because it costs money to set up, but it’s definitely worth checking to see if your dad’s favorite burger shop can stop by on Sunday.



You may not have heard of it, but it doesn’t make sense Tok If you’re trying to spend time at a local eatery, that’s not a great option. The app is both functional and comprehensive, offering everything from simple bookings and simple menus to carefully selected recommendations. Unfortunately, guest accounts can’t make reservations, so you’ll have to enter and register basic information, but that doesn’t prevent your dad from having a great night out in town.



I love every day and eatigo It’s best to book a restaurant at a discounted rate. It allows you to get discounted food at the restaurant where you eat, depending on what time your reservation is. Discounts are up to 50% off. I know this is exciting for my dad. Unfortunately, eatigo is only available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines and Indonesia, so if you are looking for a restaurant in the US you will have to pay the full amount.

sit down

Seating app

What if my dear dad decides to stay there instead of eating out? Well, you’re lucky to be seated, it offers both restaurant and delivery features, so you can make the right decision on the fly. The simple interface allows you to make quick decisions, and the cashback feature saves you up to 30% on your dining experience. And if your dad has something to excite about his big day, it knows he’s saving you a little money in the process.

Gifts also work

Overall, these booking apps can’t be mistaken. In most cases, you can book a restaurant either way, so your dad will know that you love him. However, make sure that the app you downloaded works in your country (look at you, eatigo) and that the entry contains all the information you need to make the right decision.

But believe us, your dad will be pleased with your efforts, so download one of the apps before the big day, and you’ll be June 19th You can see that big stupid smile on his face day by day! And if he wants to tinker at home, he might opt ​​for a great Father’s Day gift instead.

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