10 best fishing apps in 2022

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With almost summer prime fishing season, Techvair have put together a list of the best Android apps focused on fishing sports, whether you’re interested in more complex fishing such as fly fishing or deep sea fishing. I did. So, if you’re looking for the real thing in a valuable app to catalog your catch or dig up valuable fishing spots, you’re in the right place. fun!


Crowdsourcing is a very useful tool like reporting great fishing spots. That’s why Fishbrain is one of the most popular fishing apps on Android. You can use community reports not only to find quality places to fish, but also to dig deeper into what baits work well at what time of the day at those places. .. By the way, you can chat with other anglers to get some tips. If you’re short on equipment, there’s a built-in store that sells over 350 fishing brands (the app somehow needs to make money, amirite). Order directly from the app.

Basically, Fishbrain is a one-stop shop for all your fishing needs, whether it’s general information, community discussions, or equipment purchases.The app is free to use, but you can also pick it up Some benefits If you choose to subscribe to Pro for $ 10 per month.

Angler’s Log-Fishing Journal

If many of the apps on the list today are too complex or feature too many, Anglers’ Log may be faster. This is a simple yet useful journaling app for cataloging your catch while tracking the location, bait and size of your fish. You can share this information with your friends in the app, and even save and brag about your prey photos.

Anglers’ Log is free to use and open source, so you can also contribute to your development. The Play Store states that it has a Pro feature, but it seems that there is no payment method. Therefore, the app seems to be free with buildup up to 2.0 release. So it’s the best time to check.

Angler's Log-Fishing Journal Fishing App Summary (1)

Angler's Log-Fishing Journal Fishing App Summary (2)

Fish angler

Fish Angler is a crowdsourced tracking app that allows users to mark and report catches on a map so that other anglers can benefit from this shared information. Open your GPS map, dive into the recorded catch and find a good place to go fishing for your next outing. Fishing forecasts are also part of this information, so you can better read the best places and times to fish. This is useful for planning weekend trips.

This app acts as a personal log of your best catches and spots, like a social media app, you can share your logs with your followers or follow others you admire You can do it. Of course, the most impressive thing is that this app is completely free. If you’re looking for something comparable to Fishbrain but don’t want to pay for your subscription, Fish Angler will float your boat.

Fish Angler-Fishing App Summary of Fishing App

Fish Angler-Fishing App Fishing App Roundup (1)


This app is for all bass fanatics out there. Bass Forecast with AccuWeather combines weather and bass data (such as fish bait time) to suggest the best time for fishing. Easily plan your bass fishing trip to increase your chances of catching, or use the app’s 10-day weather forecast to plan long-term trips.

As with the weather forecast app, you need a subscription to unlock 10-day weather forecasts, cover selectors and other premium features. You can get a monthly sub for $ 2.99 and an annual sub for $ 9.99.

Deeper fish

Now that we’ve talked about crowdsourced and predictive apps, it’s time to look at one of the better depth map apps. Fish Deeper not only provides detailed weather forecasts, but also maps of over 50,000 lake depths around the world. The combination of depth maps and weather patterns will help you find the best place to plan your fishing trip.

The great thing is that the app isn’t limited to those who have a boat.If you use Deeper castable sonar With the app, it’s covered in the middle of the coast, ice, or your favorite lake. You can use the Fish Deeper app in combination with sonar to reveal what’s happening underwater. You can use castable sonar to create your own depth / fishing map. This is almost the same as what you can actually experience. So whether you just need predictions and depth maps, or if you’re trying to create your own sonar using a third-party castable sonar, FishDeeper will get you where you really need it.

Fish rules

If you are interested in saltwater fishing, check out the fish rules. This app will help you maintain the good side of the law by listing the regulations of each state and understanding the number of seasonal fish and the number of fish allowed to be raised. Of course, this isn’t a fishing app unless it also provides data on thousands of fishing posts, so you can perfectly plan your next nautical-resistant outing.

The app is free to use, but has a $ 29.99 annual Pro subscription. This sub unlocks many features, such as the ability to save location spots while removing ads from your app. You can try the Pro plan for 7 days to make sure you’re enjoying what’s available before you pay the full amount.

Fish Rule Fishing App Fishing Summary

Fish Rule Fishing App Fishing Roundup (1)

River flow

Sure, lakes and oceans are properly covered by the app above, but you may be wondering about rivers. Now, RiverFlows is a simple app that reports river and lake levels, useful not only for fishing but also for many other sports. So this isn’t a dedicated fishing app, but it’s a handy tool at your disposal if you want to know what the local level is around your favorite fishing spot.

The great thing is that this app is open source and free with data from the USGS, NOAA, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. In addition, the app includes useful widgets that make it easy to view your local water level without immersing yourself in the app.

Summary of RiverFlow sandroid fishing app

Summary of RiverFlows android fishing app (1)


ANGLR is another all-in-one app like Fishbrain and Fish Angler, and thanks to its wide range of features, you can keep your own app. The app has recently been overhauled with a new UI and is being actively developed to reduce the worry that it’s worth the money. Of course, it contains all the tools you need for planning and research, as well as numerous maps for exploring with GPS route planning. You can record all catches while sharing tips with your users. It covers almost all styles of fishing, from fly to deep sea.

The app is free to use, but you need a monthly or annual subscription to unlock the full feature set, such as 14 premium map layers. Fortunately, the monthly sub is only $ 2.50 per month and the annual rate is $ 29.99. More or less, you can use the app as much as you like. Subscriptions are useful if you like what you see, or if you just need some additional features.

ANGLR Phishing App for Anglers android Phishing App Summary

ANGLR Fishing App for Anglerssandroid Fishing App Roundup (1)

Fishing knot

There is art in tying a knot, there are so many different options depending on bait and hooks, and carrying a helpful guide to tying a knot may be the cheat sheet you need for your next fishing trip. By the way, this app even provides tips on how to tie knots with different types of lines, whether braided or sturdy offshore lines. Best of all, this app can be extended in the same way on tablets and mobile phones. This means you can pull up the app on your boat’s tablet display (if you’re running Android) or your phone.

This app is free to use in advertising. If you want to remove ads, you can pay $ 3.49 for in-app purchases. So whether you need a premium app or a free one, you have both options.

Phishing knot phishing app summary (1)

Phishing knot phishing app summary (2)


Returning to saltwater fishing, FishTrack exclusively provides the data needed by deep-sea fishermen. View up-to-date current and sea weather forecasts and view your location both online and off (best if you lose a signal). You can save waypoints and easily return, planning routes before you go out to ensure you get to your destination. The perfect app for planning sailor fishing trips.

Of course, like many apps today, subscriptions are available, but prices aren’t actively promoted. This is because the annual Prosub is $ 95.99. Even the monthly sub is $ 14.99, which is not cheap. Fortunately, you don’t need a subscription to use the app, so unless you absolutely need a premium map overlay, we recommend using it for free.

FishTrack-Summary of fishing chart android fishing app

FishTrack-Summary of fishing chart android fishing app (1)

This concludes the summary of AP’s fishing app and includes some new additions to the latest update to keep the list informative and timely in the summer fishing months. If you want to track outdoor activities, don’t forget that fitness trackers are welcomed as an addition to your next fishing trip. Hopefully, whether it’s Fishbrain in the in-app store or Fish Rules for all saltwater needs, everyone should have found a high-quality app that fits their needs. And if you have an app that you would like to add to today’s summary, feel free to ask in the comments with your recommendations.

Image credit: Robson Hatsukami Morgan

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