Xbox Cloud Gaming needs another year to appear on TV

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Is it too long to wait for the app for dongles and Samsung TV?

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Cloud streaming games, which have been around for some time, still have a long way to go, but are improving and becoming more accessible year after year. Microsoft has leveraged Xbox Cloud Gaming to allow you to stream your favorite games to non-game-enabled devices. However, although it can be set up on laptops, tablets, and phones, it cannot be set up on a TV due to software limitations. But if what we are hearing is accurate, it will change relatively quickly.

according to Venture Beat Report, Microsoft plans to release an Xbox streaming device similar to the Amazon Fire TV stick or Roku Box within the next 12 months. Not only will users have access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library, but they will also be able to watch movies and TV services through it.

Samsung smart TV owners can skip the dongle altogether. According to the same report, unlike the Xbox app for Windows PCs, Microsoft is working with manufacturers to develop native apps. It should debut at about the same time as the streaming unit, but it’s still unclear if and when the app can be expected on other brands of TV.

Microsoft has many grounds to supplement Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and more. Television occupies most of it. After all, console games are already relatively affordable and you’ll have to pay more for your computer to get closer to the same performance, but these new products are “consoles” or, better yet, consoles. “Building” and increasing the value of Samsung TV is a long-term investment.

Unfortunately, 12 months can take a long time, even though the triple A titles haven’t started streaming yet.

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