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“Five Nights at Freddy’s” is a series created by Scott Carson, and based on criticism of the previous work Chipper & Sands Lumber’s mascot character, a happy accident became a successful idea. Players felt that the protagonist (Beaver) looked creepy like horrifying animatronics, so Cawthon was urged to create a survival horror series on the theme of murderous animatronics. Starting with the first game in 2014, Five Nights at Freddy’s has had great success in many sequels over the next few years. Surprisingly, these games have so enthusiastic fans that they have influenced many spin-offs and fan-developed titles, and folklore continues to grow.

Having confirmed that many of these games are available on the Play Store, Techvair has put together a guide for newcomers to help you navigate this classic occult series. We also carefully narrowed the list to select the best order to play them, while focusing on the mainline games.

Time series and release order

If the release order doesn’t match the chronological order of the story, it’s a difficult experience to know where to start. However, the release order of the series should take precedence over the chronological (story) order, as it is a great way to see how the mechanics evolve from game to game.

1. 5 nights at Freddie’s

The first release is at the top of the list of where to start. Developers are constantly finding ways to feed hooks to catch fish. We are fish as consumers. The first game was the intended bait, which worked well to keep involving more fish. Fortunately, the best version (the remastered port of the PC version) is the version available on the Google Play store. In contrast, FNaF’s original mobile release had stilt animations that ruined the horror atmosphere, especially in the jump scare scene. Thankfully, it’s no longer the case.

Murder Animatronics wander around at night, making it difficult to work as a new night guard at Freddie Fuzzbear’s pizza. You are stuck in a room with a camera system and electricity is limited every night. Therefore, the only weapons against these animatronics are the eyes, camera footage, and security doors. Your job is to constantly monitor to track the location of each enemy — if you lose sight of an enemy, it’s the end of the line for you.

2. 5 nights at Freddie’s 2

The second article on Five Nights at Freddie’s is very similar to the first game (same as the first game) while being a remaster. Animation improvements and gameplay quality are similar to previous remastered titles, using high quality remastered graphics to make a seamless transition from the first article to the second article. I guarantee.

Gameplay is similar to the first iteration, but this time you have more tools at your disposal. You still have a camera duty, but if you ruin your job, the last line of defense is to use the new Freddie Fuzzbear’s head disguise to trick the invading animatronics. How well you monitor your game’s animatronics will ultimately determine your destiny.

Note: Five Nights at Freddy’s 3rd and 4th are listed below. If you need the best transitions and evolutions for your gameplay, we recommend playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 first. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a challenge and a new horrifying experience, jump to Five Nights with Freddie’s 4 instead.

3. 5 nights at Freddie’s 3

Freddy’s 3 Five Nights is set 30 years after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was closed. Now you are working in a horror-themed attraction. There, the owner got a lot of inspiration from the horrifying events of the first two games. This time only one animatronic can kill you and the other animatronics are phantoms that can cause gameplay interference. Depending on the number of mini-games completed, you can reach a good or bad ending.

4. Freddie’s 4 nights at 4

In Freddie’s Four Five Nights, you play the role of a kid trapped in a bedroom as they try to protect themselves from what’s lurking in the shadows. This time around, a flashlight will be provided to ward off the sinister animatronics “Nightmare” that prey on fear and life.

Unlike previous games that relied primarily on camera footage to survive the night, sound and auditory cues were added to the mix, resulting in a slight surge in difficulty.

5. 5 nights at Freddie’s: Sister Location (FnaF 5)

The fifth of Freddie’s series, Five Nights at Sister Location, will take place at Fuzzbear Entertainment’s sister company, which rents out animatronics for children’s parties. This entry shakes the formula by abolishing survival gameplay trapped in the previous room. Instead, move from room to room to follow the purpose of the story every night. The afterlife mini-game is back, and when completed, you will be granted access to the Secret Night 5 level, which pays homage to the first two games.

6. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator (FnaF 6)

Freddie Fuzzbear’s pizzeria simulator marks the end of the first arc. This entry combines familiar survival horror elements with new business simulation gameplay while working as a restaurant manager for Freddie Fuzzbear. It also has multiple endings, so you get a lot of playability.

7. Ultimate Custom Night (optional)

Retrieving this entry is not a priority as it is not considered a series standard. Initially planned as a DLC (downloadable content) for Freddie Fuzzbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, it was later decided to launch it as a standalone game.

In this title, you can choose up to 50 animatronics (59 in total), set the difficulty level, choose an office, buy power-ups and survive the night. In this particular release, the world is your super scary oyster.

8. 5 nights at Freddie’s: Help Wanted

Help Wanted is a mobile port for virtual reality titles by SteelWool Studios. Please note that this version is a port without VR components and does not include all mini-games. Some mechanics have been excluded as they wouldn’t work without VR. However, the game is still on the list as it connects the gameplay and story of the previous article and draws a new arc with Fazbear Entertainment.

After a series of unfortunate events in the previous game, Fuzzbear Entertainment has returned to it again to save its reputation. The final push to convince players of Fazbear’s latest virtual game that all the events so far are completely lies.

This concludes our guided list detailing the best games to play on Android’s FNaF series and their order. Hopefully, this post will consolidate interest in Cawthon’s Five Nights in Freddie’s popular collection, allowing the creator to experience the gameplay and folklore under development.

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