Touch controls for Google Stadia games can work quickly

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Apk decomposition also suggests 1440p streaming for phones

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Cloud gaming has been quite a buzzword for the past few years as it can eventually kill consoles, but unfortunately few markets are approaching to fulfill their technology promises. Taking Google Stadia, for example, has definitely seen significant improvements since its debut in 2019, but it’s not as reliable as the console. However, slowly but surely, the service is evolving with every update, and this week’s update has some sweet signs of a mobile touch gameplay experience.

As discovered by 9to5Google With the APK decomposition of the Stadia 4.13 update currently available on the Play Store, touch controls may immediately display a game-specific purpose rather than an alphanumerical name. For example, the A button has been replaced with a jumper graphic, R2 has a bullet icon, and L1 has a grenade. Given that console games aren’t usually optimized for mobile games, this small change helps bring the overall experience a bit closer to that of native mobile games. The only pitfall here is that these new buttons probably won’t be used in real games right away, just to demonstrate what’s possible.


A custom touch control icon mapped to the corresponding location on the analog Stadia controller. 9to5 Icon displayed by Google and edited by Techvair.

The 4.13 update also includes a new mention in the code, “UPTO_1440P”. This may indicate future support for 1440p streaming on mobile in the near future. Stadia currently only allows that resolution on high resolution monitors, even though many mobile displays support 4K. If not mobile, the code may be for Stadia’s Android TV app.

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