The best survival game of 2022

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The best survival game of 2022

Searching for “survival games” in the Play Store used to show dozens of low-budget cookie cutter zombie titles, but now there are many compelling games. There is a very wide range of options, from pixelated sandboxes to cell-shaded platformers. Even casual gamers have games that reward careful thinking and strategy rather than fast-paced action.

The variety of survival games can mean that finding the right game for you can be difficult, so we sifted the junk and delivered nine favorites.

1. Don’t starve


Don’t Starve is a fascinating yet uncompromising survival game. The graphics may be in children’s books, but there’s nothing childish about the harsh environment in which you find yourself. You play Wilson, a scientist trapped in a mysterious world.

Don’t Starve encourages exploration and experimentation. The first time the fire goes out is a terrifying experience. For the last few minutes, you’ll spend the last few minutes listening to the sounds of bone-biting monsters. But when you have some horrific deaths under your belt, you will easily dodge the horrors of the night.

2. Minecraft

Summary of Minecraft

Minecraft appears in the summary of many of the best Android games. Whether you want to build peacefully or test the limits of your survival skills, this is a game that players can play as they please. There are many ways to play the game, but survival mode is the purest Minecraft experience.

In Minecraft’s survival mode, you’ll be at the mercy of creepy monsters as you explore and build. Death is brutal and frequent, but rewards are always worth it. Grab your friends to take part in your adventure as it’s also a great collaborative survival experience.

3. Bonfire: Abandoned land

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is tasked with building settlements in a snow-covered, hostile world. Manage workers, resources and construction projects so that the settlement lasts another day. But it’s not just the weather. Hostile monsters regularly snack on vulnerable settlers.

Unlike games like Don’t Starve, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is a relatively relaxing experience. You will certainly experience moments of desperate activity, but the focus is on idle simulation and carefully thought out strategies. The game is free to download, but you’ll need $ 3.99 for an in-app purchase to continue after day 6.

4. This my war

Summary of the best games of this War of Mine (2)

This War of Mine provides a human perspective on war that is rarely seen in video games. You manage a group of civilians trying to survive in a war-torn city and avoid snipers and hostile scavengers gathering resources. The lives of your people must be weighed against the necessities of survival and you have to make a painful decision to move forward.

This War of Mine follows a day / night cycle. There, one day is spent managing the shelter and the nights are gathering resources. This creates a comfortable rhythm for the game and is always planning the next opportunity. It’s as entertaining as gameplay, but it doesn’t try to mask the tragedy it represents.

5. Crash Land

Crashlands is a great ridiculous game that combines survival and RPG elements to create an addictive experience. Your goal is to allow the galactic truck driver Flux Dabes to retrieve his luggage after colliding and landing on an alien planet. In your quest, fight monsters, level up, make tools, and most importantly, make new friends.

Crashlands has built-in useful mechanisms to help you focus on exploration and construction. With unlimited self-classifying inventory, you always have quick access to the tools you need. The base building is also highly streamlined and you can build a comfortable home in minutes.

6. Terraria

Terraria is a survival game that facilitates construction and exploration above all else. Death is not a significant setback on the default difficulty level, but a small inconvenience. Terraria wants you to take the time to explore a world full of funky enemies and fascinating weapons. It can be more difficult, but it’s worth the time exploring the world and uncovering all its secrets.

Terraria is perfect for anyone who prefers a more relaxed approach to survival games. Take the time to build weapons, build great structures and exchange valuable items with NPCs. There are no urgent missions, and nothing prevents you from wasting your time digging the biggest holes you can imagine.

7. Survive


Survival feels like an old text-based adventure game. We often make difficult decisions, but slowing down the game can make it easier to handle and less overwhelming. Instead of moving your character around the world, navigate the menu and tap buttons to interact with your character. It’s very refreshing. Focusing on the text means that there are no weak gameplay elements hidden behind flashy graphics and animations.

Dying on Survive is just one wrong decision, so it’s perfect for people who enjoy difficult mental challenges. You may feel a bit lacking in the content of the game, but the challenging bars and multiple endings allow you to come back again and again.

8. Out There: Ω Edition

There -1

Out There are games that make you and your spaceship counter the environment. There are no bad guys or monsters to fight, just the whimsical whims of the alien world. This is a roguelike game, so if you die, the game is over. However, procedurally generated galaxies, multiple endings, and numerous spacecraft have different playthroughs.

There is a completely immersive experience filled with bites of stories that bring the galaxy to life. This is a great choice if you need a survival game that not only kills things, but also likes the sensation of escaping death with the skin of your teeth.

9. Mini DAYZ


DAYZ is one of the most famous PC survival games, Mini DAYZ swaps polygons for pixels and top-down cameras, which is the same experience in mind. In Mini DAYZ, you’ll be dropped into a wasteland where zombies and other players live. To survive, you need to manage hunger and thirst, clean supplies, and build a solid foundation. Other players may help, but be careful not to betray you.

Mini DAYZ is perfect for those who like the touch of multiplayer PvP in survival games. It has no purpose other than survival, but the longer it lasts, the more benefits, upgrades, and achievements you can unlock.

Survival games incorporate elements of all genres, from RPGs to platformers. There are games for all types of players on this list, but don’t be afraid to try new things. Games like OutThere and Crashlands are masterpieces that everyone should try at least once. If you feel like trying something a little different, word games may be a good way to change your pace.

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