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Because Android is an open platform, you can find unique apps on the platform compared to iOS. Seeing the odd but useful apps prevalent on Android, Techvair thought it was time to put together some of the best. It’s a title you’ve rarely heard of, but it offers all sorts of interesting and unique features. That’s exactly what we did.

Today’s summary covers some exciting indie apps and some of the big companies that are still unique but rarely discussed. Think of this as a sister summary to Listicle, our best Android app. Here, we will dig deeper in search of otherwise unknown gems. So if you’re looking for something unknown, this summary is for you. Keep in mind that today’s summary will continue to grow as you update with the new list. If you have something you would like to see added to the list, check it out in the comments.


If you’re looking for a Chromium fork that offers built-in ad blocking as well as enhanced privacy, Bromite should be on the list. It’s a mobile browser with an ad-centric design from Chrome, with all patches published under the GNU / GPL v3. In other words, the app is also open source. Simply put, it’s a non-Google browser for Android that offers the same layout as Chrome and keeps things simple and friendly. Of course, this app isn’t available in the Play Store, Own website When GitHub page..

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Bromite's best indie Android app

Bromite's best indie Android app (1)

Download bromite

Snapdrop for Android

Sharing files over Bluetooth or USB can be tedious. If you’re looking for a slightly tricky local file sharing solution, Snapdrop is a great option that has been skipped under radar since its release in 2021. This is a free open source client and the device on which the client is installed.

Think of Snapdrop as an Airdrop solution that works on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. So the next time you need to transfer some files locally, Snapdrop can fill that niche.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Snapdrop (1) for roundup of Android indie apps

Snapdrop for summarizing Android indie apps

If you’re biking, longboarding, skating, or taking a lot of walks, you’re well aware that finding all the trails in your area can be difficult. Sure, Google Maps offers some great routes, but it misses small roads and the unknown. Crowdsourcing can help. This is exactly how TrailLink works. People using the app in the community can elaborate on the trails in their area. You can also build a database of trails for everyone involved. In this way, anyone is free to use the app to find and document trails, allowing the entire community to participate in outdoor fun.

Monetization: Free / No ads / IAP $ 1.99 ~ $ 29.99

TrailLink Trail Maps and Trail Guides-Walk & Bike Indie Roundup (2)

TrailLink Trail Maps and Trail Guides-Walk & Bike Indie Roundup

Squid-Take Notes & Markup PDF

While there are many note-taking apps in the Play Store and some that provide handwritten notes, Squid stands out thanks to its amazing vector-based text that is easy to read at all zoom levels. It’s a great tool for students and those who often take handwritten notes. The basic app is free, but paid subscribers can take advantage of additional features such as PDF import and background color.

Subscriptions are rarely the best way to pay for your app, but Squid can be purchased for less than $ 1. What’s more, Squid is great without subscribing, and above all, it works the same on tablets and Chromebooks.

Monetization: Free / No ads / IAP $ 1.00 ~ $ 10.00

Dolby On: Audio and music recording

When you think of Dolby, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t the free audio recording app for Android. But it’s just Dolby On and probably the best audio recording app on Android. Sure, Dolby isn’t an indie developer, but Dolby On isn’t a very well-known app, so I wanted to emphasize it.

Dolby On is very useful in a variety of settings, thanks to audio processing that supports noise reduction, deessing, and fade-in / fade-out. It has support for 3D audio as well as the built-in EQ. So whether you want to record a band’s live performance in a noisy theater, or just want to record your next lecture, Dolby On will cover it. Best of all, Dolby On is completely free, so if you’re curious, you can easily give it a try.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

TweetDeck’s MarinDeck

This is for Twitter users. An enterprising developer has realized TweetDeckback on Android with MarinDeck. Initially, the app was only available in Japanese, but after careful attention, the developers eventually released an English patch. Sure, MarinDeck isn’t really a resurgence of TweetDeck, but it does provide a great gallery view to get closer and launch. So if you’ve missed TweetDeck in the last few years, MarinDeck will probably fill that void.

Monetization: Free / including ads / no IAP

TweetDeck MarinDeck for summarizing indie apps

TweetDeck MarinDeck (1) for summarizing indie apps

Caffeine-Keep the screen on

This is all that Linux users should be aware of. Yeah, it’s caffeine, an app that keeps your screen on as long as you want. Android does not provide an easy way to keep the screen for the last 10 minutes. So if you want to use your tablet as a display, you can put caffeine in it and it will continue to display the screen. You need to tap the screen to stay asleep. This is a simple, dedicated utility that is very useful on Android as well as Linux.

Please note that the app will appear as a status bar pull-down tile and will not appear in the app drawer once installed.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Caffeine-Android Summary to Keep Your Screen in the Best Niche App

Caffeine-Android Roundup to keep your screen in the best niche app (1)

Dream by WOMBO

Have you ever wondered what a pug’s picture would look like if Salvador Dali painted a pug? No wonder anymore. Dream by WOMBO is a very sophisticated app that allows you to enter keywords, select famous artists and let the AI ​​of the app generate the selected picture.

Dream by WOMBO is a very fun app to play around with. If you like photos, you can actually print them out and decorate your home directly from the app. Playing with Dream by WOMBO is a great way to spend a few seconds to spare. In addition, the result is often suitable for laughing with a few friends.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Dream by WOMBO Best niche app android Roundup (2)

DreambyWOMBO best niche app android Roundup


People hate YouTube ads very much. There is a YouTube fork that provides an ad-free experience. Called NewPipe and can be found on F-Droid, A free open source app store for Android apps. This YouTube fork is reliable for those who are not using the Google framework library, such as when running an Android ROM that has been removed by Google. This way, you can install the YouTube app even if you don’t want to allow Google access to your information.

NewPipe is open source. In other words, anyone can use it for free. If you want to sideload the APKs available on F-Droid or keep your app up to date without manually installing a new version each time, you can use the F-Droid client. NewPipe APK is on top of it GitHub page..

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Summary of NewPipe's best niche Android apps (1)

Summary of NewPipe's best niche Android apps (2)

Download NewPipe

Flowx: Weather map forecast

The weather forecast app has dozens of choices on mobile and you can choose from a wide range of options. The single screen radar app certainly stands out in the crowd. Flowx is one such app that provides an intuitive layout with all the information you need on a single screen. In addition, you can fine-tune your data layers to see exactly what you want to see, such as wind speed, rain, and heat. You can easily drill down to the information you need to plan your day. This is a weather app for tinkerers and radar map users, but it’s also great for casual users.

You can try this app for free. If you like how it looks, you can unlock the new data source with a few in-app purchases. Gold, silver and bronze data packs are available and prices range from $ 5 to $ 20 per year. Year.

Monetization: Free / No ads / IAP $ 1.99 ~ $ 19.99

Offline Survival Manual

Given what’s happening now and everything, I’m sure many have begun to consider preparation and survival techniques. Thankfully, there are apps to help with this. For example, the Offline Survival Manual provides an offline manual that covers topics such as building fires, how to build shelters, food locations, and emergency medical techniques.

No internet connection is required, but a phone power supply is required. As long as you have juice left in the event of a disaster, you are free to use a handy guide.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Offline Survival Manual Best Niche App Summary (2)

Offline Survival Manual Summary of the best niche apps

This concludes today’s list. Hopefully, whether it’s an Adobe app for recording or a niche survival manual, you’ve found a high-quality app that rarely gets noticed by anyone. Ideally, we’ve chosen different titles to cover the needs of everyone, but if you’d like to add something to your Techvair indie app summary, check out the comments below.

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  • Snapdrop for Android

  • Flowx: Weather map forecast

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