Stadia's new web store UI seems to be inspired by Steam

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Changes are currently being rolled out to the web version of the cloud gaming service

Stadia really struggled to evoke a lot of excitement among gamers. The service has fixed many of the early issues, but the lack of commitment to Google’s platform definitely makes us feel down and the service feels more and more retrofit. Still, I’m absolutely crazy when I see improvements. We are currently checking out some notable upgrades to the Stadia Web Experience.

What the user found on TwitterThe new Stadia Store UI features a prominent game-related header graphic that resembles the look of Steam. It fades out as you scroll to the actual list. There is also a handy button to launch the game if it’s in the library. If you don’t own the game, you have the option to play a limited trial or demo depending on the game. There is also a button just below. If you want to buy it it. This list is easily accessible whenever a game bundle is available.

Not only does the new design look beautiful, it also looks like this: More suitable for handheld devices like Steam decksCan be a perfect candidate for cloud gaming.

This is not the only Stadia adjustment we are getting. The less noticeable thing is to move from URLs that are hard to read and look messy to URLs that are unique and easy to link to. Instead of a messy string of mysterious strings, each game gets its own simplified link ending with the name of the game.It’s not Huge I’ll change it, but if I want to send a link to the game to my friends, I think they need to check out. Using more human-readable URLs seems to improve quality of life.

These changes are currently being rolled out to the web version of Stadia. Other parts of the service’s UI haven’t changed much, but we hope that efforts will continue to improve the rest and raise interest in the cloud gaming platform.

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