Stadia seems to have lost all Ghost Recon Breakpoint saves

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I expect Google or Ubisoft to back up the saved files somewhere

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Saved File Disappeared in Stadia Hero

It’s no secret that Stadia is struggling this year, with few AAA game releases. But one thing that users can comfort is that existing libraries are available and games like Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint provide the AAA gameplay that many are looking for. After all, the Stadia save file for this shooter has disappeared in the last few days. It’s unclear whether it’s caused by Stadia or Ubisoft, but the fact remains that many Stadia users have lost hundreds of hours of play time. Fortunately, Google is investigating the disappearance. The bad news is that a few days have already passed without any corrections, not to mention the answer to what went wrong.

GhostRecon Breakpoint save file disappeared from forum post

The above post is Start of Stadia community forum thread.. As you can see, users have complained that the Ghost Recon Breakpoint save file is gone, and that’s not all.The thread two days ago claiming the same has a lot of complaints and you can find even more users Communicate on Reddit..The problem was further broken At the Ubisoft support forum.. It seems that more or less the Ghost Recon Breakpoint save file has somehow been deleted from your Stadia account.

Even stranger, even though community specialists commented on the Stadia community forum that Google is investigating this issue, it wasn’t updated two days ago. Threads are marked as resolvedThis is definitely a concern, as the problem is clearly not.

GhostRecon Breakpoint save file disappeared redditpost

It’s easy to enjoy the non-persistence of data that you can’t control directly locally, but shed some light on why trusting a company that forces stored files across random servers can easily backfire. And there is absolutely no joke about losing such a preservation. At this point, most users probably didn’t expect such a problem to occur.At the very least, it looks like the company offers a way to back up Stadia’s storage locally. Through Google TakeoutTherefore, it is advisable to pull that data regularly to protect it from loss. However, importing saves is not supported in all games, so it can be difficult to re-upload that data to Stadia.

Techvair have contacted Google to see if it can shed light on the issue. It was confirmed that the problem was being actively addressed, so hopefully it would be possible to quickly see what went wrong and whether Google could restore the stored data in the Stadia version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. increase.

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