Square Enix before the takeover? Developer studio rumors on twitter

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  • Created: 05/04/2022, 09:05

    Author: Julian Kornaker

    According to rumors on Twitter, Square Enix is ​​in for a major change. The developer studio may face a takeover after the Embracer Group deal.

    Tokyo, Japan – Square Enix recently sold several development and game studios to the Swedish Embracer Group. Now, a rumor has surfaced on Twitter that Square Enix itself may be facing a possible takeover. What about rumors?

    developer studioSquare Enix
    baseApril 2003
    founderYasuhiro Fukushima, Masashi Miyamoto
    main officeShinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
    Volume of sales332 billion yen (2021)

    Square Enix: after the sale of the studios shortly before the takeover

    This tweet is about: Shortly after the announcement of Square Enix’s sale of some of Embracer Group’s development studios, there was a discussion on Twitter about whether a takeover of the Japanese company itself was about to take place. Writer and game designer Jeff Grubb commented Twitter about the possible sale of Square Enix.

    Grubb has been sharing his insider knowledge for years, for example about the PS5., via Twitter and our own YouTube channel. He is one of the few who has acquired a certain expert status.

    After the Japanese game developer sold several development studios, Grubb wrote that Square Enix had gotten smaller. When a Twitter user asked if Square Enix wanted to get rid of the ballast by selling a few studios before selling them themselves, Jeff Grubb responded with a GIF. It read: “Perhaps I said too much …”, which meant “maybe I said too much.”

    Derek Strickland, senior game editor at TweakTown, also gave his opinion. Twitter for possible capture. Strickland wondered if Square Enix was preparing for a takeover by another Japanese gaming company, or if they just wanted to sell excess brands to streamline their business model by removing potential risk factors.

    A laptop with the Square Enix logo next to a text box.Square Enix: Is the company close to being taken over? First rumors on Twitter © Freepik (Montage)

    Square Enix: The first partial sales have already taken place. A full sale is just around the corner?

    What about rumors? Jeff Grubb is considered quite reliable due to his expert status. So it could very well be that after Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard and Sony’s takeover of Bungie, a new big deal could be just around the corner.

    To cut staff, Square Enix has already sold developer studios Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal, as well as some game brands such as Tomb Raider and Deus Ex. All this was bought by the Swedish Embracer Group for 300 million US dollars. A price that some observers considered too low.

    Despite selling studios like Crystal Dynamics and game brands like Thief, Square Enix has its next big game. Final Fantasy 16 is in the final stages of development. But fans of the game series have their own concerns.

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