Spotify begins testing TikTok-inspired podcast feeds

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Great, just what you need

Spotify made a modest acquisition last year to get a podcast discovery platform called Podz for just $ 50 million. Thankfully, the name is gone, but Podz’s technology enhances the new UI testing that will be deployed to some Spotify users. A button has been added to the toolbar to launch a TikTok-style feed for podcasts to help you find the next podbinge. Or, if this change confuses you, there are other music services out there.

Anyone who has used TikTok, or who has seen someone else unknowingly scroll, can quickly understand the new interface of Spotify’s app. Swipe up on the podcast to move pages. The podcast will start playing as soon as it appears on the screen. These are 60-second previews aimed at providing a taste of content. If you like what you hear, you can jump to the episode immediately or save it for later use. There is a demo in the tweet below.

The key to this feature is probably an algorithm designed by Podz that doesn’t rely on podcast authors to create their own clips. According to TechCrunchUse machine learning trained with over 100,000 hours of podcast audio. I can’t imagine the hell they put that bot on, but the results are currently being rolled out to a small number of Spotify users. Since this is just a test, Spotify may decide to cancel or make significant changes to the experience prior to its release.

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