Sonos is now part of the Matter initiative

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Sonos not in the field yet smart House by the way, so far we mostly know smart speakers from Americans. Of course, they can be combined with each other to form a multi-room system. But now the manufacturer seems to be taking a new step and joining the Connectivity Standards Alliance. Their Matter smart home communication standard aims to help make smart home devices more compatible with each other.

Better Smart Home Compatibility

In the field of smart home, over time, more and more manufacturer-specific standards are set that are not compatible with each other. This makes building smart home systems more and more difficult. This should solve the new standard casewhich is expected to be presented in the autumn.

Matter: What is it?

This all goes back to a joint initiative of industry giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Samsung, as well as the former Zigbee Alliance (known for the Zigbee communications standard). The initiative was founded to develop a new communication standard for smart homes. When the first specifications were finalized in early May 2021, the project was officially renamed Matter. The Zigbee Alliance has become the Connectivity Standards Alliance. She now manages Zigbee and Matter.

What can Matter do? First of all, it should be clarified that Matter does not have its own user interface. Your control center stays the same – no matter Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or SmartThings at home. Therefore you will not see Matter. The standard only offers a single language that your devices can communicate with.

With Matter-enabled devices, it should no longer happen in the future that your lamps will run over Zigbee, and your heat will use the manufacturer’s own system, and the devices should run through different systems.

Sonos: smart speakers in the smart home

you already have one Sonos speakers home – maybe SonosMove or Sonos One? Then maybe you’ve pricked up your ears now. With smart speakers, However, as Sonos suggests, none of this really matters at first – unless you’re using it to control your smart home system with voice control.

Sonos itself has yet to reveal its cards. Addressing colleagues in edge the manufacturer simply said that he wanted to learn about new standards by joining the alliance. It is also important whether they really provide real compatibility at the platform or operating system level. Commitment is still in its early stages.

Also, the Matter standard is not due to be introduced until this year. So what’s really behind the Sonos Matter commitment is still anyone’s guess.

Either way, we’re very curious as to which direction this will go and we’ll keep you posted.

What do you think Sonos is planning for their smart speakers? Are you looking forward to the Matter standard for your smart home? Let us and the community know in the comments.

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