Skylines is out for Stadia to completely consume all your free time

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Don’t count Stadia yet. In the face of constant criticism, new games continue to emerge, and in March we learned about three new titles from Paradox Interactive and Team 17. The latter brought us Overcooked! Last month, I could eat and play golf with my friends. Now it’s time for Cities: Skylines to join. After the old start of the year, fresh air is alive.

Stadia First shared this news a few months ago, This spring, revealed that three new games will be available on the platform. The title of Paradox Interactive and Team17.

City of Paradox Interactive: Skylines initially did not have an official release date beyond “Spring”, but this is Urban builders actively reviewed since 2015 Especially if you are interested in simulation / managed city construction games, it should be a great addition to Stadia. All genres with little expression in Stadia. Today, we finally received the announcement of the release.Stadia Pro members can download it for free and buy it for about $ 40.

This is a addition to what Team 17 brought to us in April, Golf With Your Friends and Overcooked! all you can eat. Golf With Your Friends is a casual mini golf game that you can enjoy especially when you’re immersed in multiplayer. And overcooked! All You Can Eat is an edited and remastered version of the original two Overcooked titles, providing excellent chaotic cooking gameplay for multiple players.

Anyway, streaming services are still in their infancy and games like this are arriving every few weeks. Sure, it’s great to see the announcement of Elden Ring or Dying Light 2, but for now, Cities: Skylines, Golf With Your Friends, and Overcooked! Everything you can eat is some great additions that should bring things to life.

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