Senior developers issue a statement addressing barbaric rumors about the end of the app

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The story of YouTube Vanced (later Vanced) seems to be almost over after the app has stopped working, but the people behind the beloved mod still seem to have more to say. On Saturday, the team behind Vanced posted on the anonymous blogging platform, as some rumors flew about the end of the app.Advanced discontinuation.. It is intended to briefly explain to those who are “difficult to understand” why the application was discontinued.

The post dismissed rumors that Vanced was suspended for reasons related to screams from NFTs or media groups, and claimed that the removal had nothing to do with piracy claims or ad blocking issues. bottom. In response to rumors that the Vanced developer is Russian, the post states:[none] Some of the team members are in Russia or Ukraine and have no connection to these countries. “

Vanced also denied that their app had “illegal” features and stated that what the people behind the app said was the “real” reason they received the cease and desist letter. rice field.

  • Vanced says “Legal reason“Vanced violated the original YouTube app logo and branding because the logo was similar to the original logo and was used without Google’s prior permission to use the branding. ..

  • I was asked to remove all links related to the distribution of advanced apps that led to the decision to discontinue.

The statement goes on, the team behind Vanced I never have Publish the source code of the app. Doing so can “cause us serious complications”. Also, forget to download the app again. All links to the downloadable version of Vanced have been removed, and the Vanced team says they can’t help with another way to get the version of the app.

Vanced concludes by asking disappointed fans of the app to stop attacking anyone over its demise and warn of other misinformation. Now it’s for the original Vanced — RIP. One of the reasons many people loved Vanced is that the app has alternatives that YouTube probably has available, and some of them were pretty good. Check them out here.

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